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Published on June 27th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


2D Platformer VVVVVV Leaps in the Play Store

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VVVVVV, a 2D puzzle platformer developed by Terry Cavanagh, the maker of Super Hexagon, is finally available in the Play Store. This Android game was launched 4 years ago for PC, Mac and other platforms. It will charm you with its storyline and impressive gameplay.

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You will start the game as Captain Viridian commanding all your crew to leave the ship which is sucked into an unknown dimension. Luckily, you and your comrades have safely disembarked the ship through the teleporter. Unfortunately, all of you have been scattered all throughout the dimension. It is your task to rescue the missing crew members and find the root cause of the interference.

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The game features a classic 2D graphics with chiptune audio elements. It also introduces a no-jump policy game style to make the puzzles a tad harder. But on the brighter side, you have the power to alter the gravity so that you can escape dangerous traps, and move on to the next level to find your missing troops.

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The game offers no power-ups but there are hidden items which you can collect – if you have the guts to do it. Those special stuffs bring hardships – as well as bragging rights – assuming you manage to make your way to acquire it. Overall, this unique 2D puzzle platformer will bring out the best in you with its hard to crack brainteasers and mystery.

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VVVVVV is now up for grabs without any in-app purchases on Google Play for only $ 2.99. Super Gravitron, the mini-game that originally appeared at the end of VVVVVV, is also available in the Play Store as a standalone game for free.

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