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Published on June 30th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Angry Birds Epic Made its Way to the Play Store

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Rovio, creator of the Angry Birds franchise, has come up with a new way to enjoy ripping those old evil pigs for good with Angry Birds Epic. In this new Android game, you are not going to make those pesky pigs and their fortress fall to the ground by slinging all your birds at your disposal. Rather, you are going to directly attack or use a handful of skills to send those egg stealing adversaries back to where they came from.

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This game has a turn-based RPG gameplay which is a bit different compared to its predecessors like the original Angry Birds, Seasons, Space, Star Wars, etc. Anyway, giving a new variation of gameplay to the famed franchise lays out a new invitation for casual fans, hardcore gamers, and even RPG players, who longs for something fresh aside from the traditional slinging of birds.

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It offers a simple gameplay mechanics that even a newbie can learn it in a few minutes of playing. You just have to drag then point the line to the pig that you want to take out. After managing to defeat the enemies, you have a bonus spin which gives you items that you can forge into weapons or craft as magical potions which may help you on your epic adventure.

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This game will not be complete without the usual grading of your performance from 1 star up to 3 stars. It also affects the items that you can get on the bonus spin that gives other stuff. Further, even if it has RPG elements, the path that you will take is a bit predetermined just like the linear map of Candy Crush where you can only move forward by winning the battle ahead of you.

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Angry Birds Epic is now available for free on Google Play. It offers in-app purchases such as virtual currencies which you may use to buy enhancements which lessen the difficulty of battles that comes your way. Watch the trailer below to satisfy your Angry Birds addiction:

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