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Published on July 27th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


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As the widely popular Clash of Clans still registering tons of downloads on Google Play, Supercell, its game developer, did not waste any time as it launched another combat strategy game called Boom Beach. This time, the battle will take you to the white sands as you get treated to a mix of tower attack and tower defense gameplay. Defend your own island and conquer others by turning their paradise into rubble.

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Boom Beach clearly follows its predecessor’s gameplay where you simply collect resources; create a formidable base to fend off your enemies, and dominate the battlefield. Also, this Android game brings some of the classic hero and villain relationship where you are put to the task to fight the blackguard and free their held captives for some rewards – like gold and wood – to strengthen your home base. Further, its selling point is the multiplayer game mode where you can play with your friends and raid other players’ headquarters to gain loots and medals to increase your rank in the leaderboards.

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Here are some of the other exciting features of the game:

  • Discover and find adventure on a new world composed of islands filled with enemies and treasures
  • Play online with over thousands of gamers all over the world where you can attack their bases, and enjoy the bonuses that comes with it
  • Fight the enemy bosses and reveal the truth of their evil plots
  • Raid hundreds of islands guarded by the wicked Blackguard

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Build a solid fortress and save the good occupants of the islands from turning into slaves by downloading Boom Beach in the Play Store for free. This Android game runs on the same freemium concept as Clash of Clans where you can buy virtual currency in the form of gems which could expedite the building of your base. You can watch the game’s trailer below:

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