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Published on July 10th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Dragons: Rise of Berk Flies in the Play Store

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Fans of How to Train Your Dragon should get their Android device and download this game from Ludia – Dragons: Rise of Berk. This Android game lets you build your own berk and train your dragons in the academy.

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Dragons: Rise of Berk, a movie tie-in video game, features a village base building gameplay like Farmville that most of us are familiar with. The unique thing about this game and most probably its most enticing feature is it lets you play, talk, and explore the vast world of Viking territory with the dragons present in the movie like Toothless, Stormfly, and many more. Further, you are in for a treat on this game with lots of stuffs to do like raising dragons, making building out of woods and rocks, and completing fun missions.

Dragons Rise of Berk Android Game Screenshot 2

Dragon: Rise of Berk features:

  • 3D graphics and lively audio effects
  • 12 of the characters from the movie are in the game to guide and play with you
  • 18 types of dragon species that can be called to get woods, or hunt for food like fish, etc.
  • 25 distinct islands in the territory of Vikings
  • Finish all the exciting missions with the help of the characters from How to Train Your Dragon movie

Dragons Rise of Berk Android Game Screenshot 3

Create a prosperous and fun Berk now by downloading Dragons: Rise of Berk in the Play Store for free. This Android game also offers some items which you can get via in-app purchases. Check out the trailer below as a warm up before becoming the Berk’s owner and a dragon tamer:

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