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Published on June 23rd, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Great Little War Game 2 Marches in the Play Store

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Great Little War Game is a true success on Google Play. Therefore, to make Android fans crave for more, continuing the franchise and making a sequel is inevitable as the team of Rubicon Development has finally launched the second installment with Great Little War Game 2.

Great Little War Game 2 Android Game Screenshot

This strategy game with turn-based gameplay is nearly identical to the original but with a handful of enhancements like the portrait mode, brand new campaigns, splash damage, buildings that can be blown into pieces and so on. The graphics also improved and its controls are now made simpler.

Great Little War Game 2 Android Game Screenshot 2

Provided below are the general features of Great Little War Game 2:

  • Whole new pack of unlockable and upgradeable infantries and units
  • Full 3D terrain, perfect for setting up strategies to outwit the opponent
  • Fun and amusing visuals and sound effects
  • Now with portrait mode
  • New 60 campaigns to play and complete

Great Little War Game 2 Android Game Screenshot 3

Do you want to test your strategies for a little war? This will be a good simulation to start. Great Little War Game 2 will be all yours without any in-app purchases or any annoying advertisements for only $2.99 in the Google Play Store. If you are a newbie on playing a turn-based strategy game like this, you may check out its trailer to see how easy this game plays:

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