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Published on July 10th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Headless Chicken Runs on Google Play

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Keep your cool and do not ever lose your head as indie developer and publisher Double Smith finally taps Google Play for the worldwide launch of their funny and bloody Android game, Headless. Run where no headless chicken has ever gone before while trying to stay alive through the endless road filled with traps, gore, and excitement.

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In Headless, you will control a chicken with no head which is more or less ready to meet its creator. Players are given the chance to see how far they can go with a headless chicken which gradually losing its blood, and passing to the rough terrain with fan blades, hooks, saws, electric fence, and life-threatening tools that might send this animal to the next chicken slaughterhouse.

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Run as far as you can and indulge the feel of classic music along black and white visuals with a touch of red spurt of blood all over that comes with it. Collect unusual power-ups and unlocks special upgrades to gain the upper hand at the online leaderboards. Run, jump, fly, and evade traps with ease through its intuitive tilt controls. Survive the game much longer by picking up bags of blood on the endless violent course.

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Headless is now available in the Play Store for free and it does not have in-app purchases. For more information about this Android game, check out the trailer below:

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