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Published on August 29th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Eats Space in the Play Store

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Who’s in for some cake searching at the Gogapoe Island? Join Niko and his gang of friendly monsters on a mission to retrieve his stolen birthday cake in this all new Cartoon Network adventure game Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake now available on Google Play.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Android Game Screenshot

This Android game combines role-playing and puzzle gameplay elements that may be likened to Zelda and Alundra series. On this journey in the island of Gogapoe, your primary goal is simple. Collect all the pieces of cake on the field dropped by those monsters that stole your precious baked goods – the Boogins. There are also side quests in this game like collecting coins, treasures, and defeating all monsters in the area. Definitely, you’ll face a lot of challenging but fun-filled puzzles and mazes that makes it worthwhile to play.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Android Game Screenshot 2

The game’s graphics is simple yet very charming, and vibrant to the eyes, with a touch of serene music that suits its colorful theme. Also, its touch controls are responsive to the commands that you will give. Even adults will take pleasure playing this kind of game that is unexpectedly deep, and entertaining.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Android Game Screenshot 3

Start the journey now of getting back your precious pastry cake and save the world from those pesky creatures by downloading Monsters Ate My Birthday in the Play Store for only $0.99 with no in-app purchase.  You may check out first the trailer as a warm up to an adventure that you’re about to experience:

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