News Nintendo Opens Registration for Miitomo, Its First Mobile Game

Published on February 29th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


Nintendo Opens Registration for Miitomo, Its First Mobile Game

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Nintendo’s first mobile game, Miitomo, is set to hit shelves on iOS and Android platforms some time during March, but prior to the release you’re given the option to sign up/pre-register for the game via your Nintendo account.

For those who complete the registration for their account prior to the game’s release will receive platinum points, an online currency that can be used to purchase rewards on the new “My Nintendo” rewards scheme that is launching with the game. What those potential rewards are is currently a mystery, and will more than likely stay that way up until the system is released. What we do know, however, is that points will expire after 6 months after the launch of My Nintendo, so be sure to keep your eye on your account.

Obviously, the game is meant to focus on the whole “Mii” element of Nintendo that they’ve been trying to push for years with their previous consoles. Mii’s are meant to be your avatar in Miitomo, with every one of your friends set to have their own unique Mii to tell everyone apart from one another.

If you’re an individual who already has their own Mii, then you may incorporate them into Miitomo via QR codes to instantly load them into the game. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can instead take a picture of yourself and have the game create a Mii as identical to your face as possible. If you’d rather not do either, then you can just pick and choose from your favorite features within the game and make your own personal Mii from scratch.

Miitomo, as described by Nintendo is a “free-to-start social experience” on your mobile device. What can be gathered from that statement isn’t all that positive. From the looks of things, it sounds a lot less like a game and more like Nintendo is trying to start up their own social network for Nintendo fans and gamers. Secondly, they describe it as a “free-to-start” experience. I know free-to-play generally comes across negatively for some gamers, but “free-to-start” may sound even worse. It pretty much wears its heart on its sleeve and admits to you that it is bound to charge you in the future, one aspect of any game that people don’t enjoy finding out about.

Miitomo is going to be Nintendo’s first outing onto mobile devices, and to go along with it they have their own rewards system cropping up along with it. Not much is known about it, other than the two currencies within the game: gold and platinum. As of right now, it is unknown what either one does or how it affects My Nintendo and its rewards. For now, only time will tell what affects those currencies will have on everyone’s accounts.

Source: GameSpot

Image courtesy of Colony of Gamers on Flickr.

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