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Published on September 21st, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Nuts! Cracks Open on Google Play

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If you are finally jaded with the endless running game that you are currently playing, maybe now is the time to pull out the plug and try something new like Nuts! by Limbic Software, developer of Zombie Gunship. This Android game is a vertical endless runner that features dashing squirrels, an infinitree to climb, and lots of fun-filled upgrades and power-ups that’ll definitely make your hand stuck again on playing non-stop.

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In Nuts!, you are given two playable squirrels, named Jake and Miranda, to choose from. The goal is to simply run as high as you can on the trunk of a tree while evading heaps of branches that can sort of make you fall out of the tree, and end the game. Along the way, there are coins that can be used to unlock upgrades and special nuts that can make you invincible for a short time which can help you make the best run possible.

Seriously, those power nuts are awesome. It kind of feels like your little animal has transformed into Capcom’s Megaman and performs a Nova Strike to destroy those branches like it’s nothing. Further, the game also offers tons of challenges, plus leaderboards where you can share your high scores via social media.

Nuts! Android Game Screenshot 2

Help Jake and Miranda ascend to the great heights of infinitree by downloading Nuts! in the Play Store. This Android game is free with not so pushy in-app purchases. Check out the trailer below for a preview of this endless tree-climbing Android game:

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