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Published on June 1st, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


RedGate Games to Launch Naval Battle Sim Game, Pirate Era

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Navigate an adventure set in pirate waters as RedGate Games, a Taiwan-based studio, announces Pirate Era, a 3D mobile sea battle sim. This Android game features a naval battle simulation gameplay where players are tasked to put up their very own island, collect resources, and raid other pirates among others.

Pirate Era has a Caribbean theme, uses old school pirate themes and historical pirate references. Gamers are placed right in the heart of an ocean adventure with game settings simulating real life. As a sailor, you will encounter weather changes, harsh sea conditions which include swells and waves, and most of all, battles with other ships. As noted by the developer, weather plays a crucial role as it might affect your performance. Be sure to practice your navigation skills.

Anyway, based on the game’s trailer, the combat is noteworthy. It caught my attention as it looked realistic and action-packed. Plus, there are various camera angles in-game which you can rotate to find the best view available.

Pirate Era offers three major campaigns:

  • Pirate Fort – Create a safe harbor where you, together with your crew, can rest between missions.
  • Sea Battle (Player vs. Player or PvP) – Pick from different pirate legends and face wicked captains. Attack other players’ strongholds, loot and raid their bases within a set time limit.
  • Bounty Missions (Player vs. Enemy or PvE) – Gain resources in this game mode for you to be able to compete in the open seas.

The game features social integration as it encourages players to interact with each other and grow their pirate gang.

For now, we can watch the trailer below:

According to their Facebook account, the official launch date is coming soon. I really hope this Android game gets released soonest.

Source: Games Press

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