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Published on July 23rd, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Ride Roman Chariots with Qvadriga on Google Play

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If you think that modern-day racing is more dangerous than the ancient Roman chariot racing, well, think again. Qvadriga, a strategy game with a touch of racing, was developed by Slitherine and this Android game is now available in the Play Store.

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In ancient chariot racing, the only thing to expect is not all of the racers are coming home for dinner. At the same time, winning is the only way to move forward. A good strategy is the key to get you moving and win races in the Circus Maximus. Since the game is all about getting ahead of others, the best thing to do is properly train your charioteers, provide them with the right equipment to use, and give them sturdy horses to control. Apparently, its graphics may not be the most interesting part but with its complex and exciting gameplay, it compromises what it lacks to give you the enjoyment that no other racing strategy game can give.

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Here are some important features of Qvadriga:

  • 43 racing stages like the classic Greek oval hippodrome and ancient Roman circus
  • 6 different historic group to choose from, all with specific types of improvements to toughen up your team
  • 7 kinds of regions to visit which offers a wide variety of campaigns and races to join
  • 1 click decision interface control to decide the fate of your rider at any given point in time
  • Each city gives a unique bonus, and the best way to know them is to race and race until you drop
  • Join and win in many types of racing events like the four-team racing, hard core sixteen man racing riot, etc.
  • Two kinds of game system: Static, a paused turn-based gameplay, and dynamic, a spontaneous action gameplay

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Heading back to the past and race using horses with a chariot may cost you a steep fee of $ 9.99 on Google Play. Still, it’s worth a try if you are looking for a more meaningful and extensive way to spend your time instead of crushing candies or running through endless roads. Check out the trailer below for more information about the game:

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