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Published on August 28th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Spy vs. Spy Sneaks into the Play Store

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Game remakes sure make the world of gaming more interesting and lively. Imagine you’ll have the chance to play those games that existed years ago. Isn’t it amazing? Almost all big game developers and publishers use this kind of method as a fan service for their young fans – and even to those young at hearts – who want to experience playing classic games that belongs to the old era. With that being said, Chillingo has released on Google Play the re-imagined Spy vs. Spy, a 1984 video game that was originally launched on Atari and Commodore 64. The original game was designed and developed by First Star Software, Inc.

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This Android game fuses exploration and strategy gameplay elements. For starters, you have to pick from either the black or the white spy. You will then need to delve into an embassy looking for five items which include passport, cash, plans, key, and a briefcase to store all those stuff. Locate each item; hide them in different furniture until you find the briefcase. As soon as you get everything, you can now head to the exit. Hold your horses though, the other spy is also looking for the same stuff, and there’s only one item each. You have the option to kill the other spy or place traps. Watch out as well since the spy may also surprise you with his own booby trap. Act fast because both spies have time limit to get the job done.

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Here are the other features of the game:

  • Two game modes: Retro and Modern
  • Multiplayer mode playable via Wi-Fi
  • Single player offers up to 48 types of embassies
  • 5 different levels of difficulty
  • Playable via d-pad or virtual buttons

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Experience what it’s like to be a spy by downloading Spy vs. Spy now on Google Play for only $2.99. This Android game offers in-app purchases for additional traps, cheats, and embassies. Check out their teaser video below to know more about the game:

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