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Published on June 4th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Tales of Honor Lands on Google Play

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Evergreen Studios has finally released their space-combat strategy game Tales of Honor. This Android game will make it easy for players to experience blowing up ships in space. By using your fingers and implementing well-thought strategies, you can make the universe safe by destroying all the opponents that want to take away peace and order.

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In Tales of Honor, you assume the position of a female starship captain named Honor Harrington. Since you are the commander of the ship, all the responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Tune up your battleship and upgrade its important parts to make it a true firepower capable of defending the outer space from all aggressors.

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This Android game offers 5 challenging game modes which will definitely enhance your tactical skills:

  • Starship Combat: The regular mode where you fight the enemy by shooting them with packs of weapons and fending off incoming enemy artilleries by using the equipped defensive arms of your spaceship.
  • Damage Repair: As the name implies, players need to use the ship’s system to protect the ship from internal damages like fire and save your items, along with the crew in it.
  • Ship and Crews Advancement: Improve your ship’s systems together with its offensive and defensive capabilities by installing new gears which can be obtained through successful combat. Members of your brigade can also be promoted to help you better in space fights.
  • Story Mode: Venture into the unknown to unravel the game’s storyline while picking up components and upgrades which can be used to improve your ship.
  • Live Events: Special missions debut on Android.

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For players who seek to enhance the destructive power of their ships, there are weekly online events which will test your navigating skills to the limit. Gamers will be rewarded with rare and legendary items if they managed to finish the quests serve to them.

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If your dream is to become like Captain James T. Kirk of the Star Trek, now is the chance to fulfill it by installing and playing Tales of Honor on your smartphones and tablets. Btw, this Android game is free.

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