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Published on July 15th, 2014 | by Neilvert Enoval


Topia World Builder Now Available in Play Store

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Picture a world where you can create things based on your taste, and with the use of your fingers you can make mountains, valleys, and shape lands at whim.  Isn’t it nice or too good to be true? Well, it is now possible using your smartphone or tablet with this new building simulation Topia World Builder by Crescent Moon Games and Glenn Corpes, one of the makers of Populous game.

Topia World Builder Android Game Screenshot

This Android game will make you a god with powers to create. Either you want a utopia full of mountains with weird landscapes or just want to see thousands of animals live and get screwed by your own planet is possible with just a touch of your almighty fingers. Anyway, a virtual world with no real objective is a fun thing to have when you run out of things to do than to kill some time.

Topia World Builder Android Game Screenshot 2

Here are the core features of Topia World Builder:

  • Easy to play and smooth controls
  • Create anything you want like valleys, mountains, rivers, and oceans
  • Produce any type of animals out of nothing just like a god
  • Alter the color of land, sky, and water based on your preferences
  • Offers two views: landscape and portrait mode
  • Save the world you created once you are done and load it afterwards when you need to tweak something

Topia World Builder Android Game Screenshot 3

Build your own fantasy world in Topia World Builder. This Android game is now available on Google Play for only $1.99. Be sure to check out the trailer below as your first hand training towards being someone almighty:

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