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Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Trese Brothers Updates Heroes of Steel RPG with New Episode

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Cory Trese of Trese Brothers has recently updated their game, Heroes of Steel RPG, with a new episode called the Gathering Shadow. This Android game is a story driven dungeon crawler which features a turn-based tactics gameplay.

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In this major expansion, your fearless party explores the eastern Underdeep to encounter fresh challenges and to track down long-standing nemeses. This new episode expands the size of the already extensive land of Steel. Episode 2 sends you out into magma caves and into the high grounds in the East to challenge trolls, cultists, and shamans.

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If you think you have sharpened your turn-based tactics skills in Episode 1, think again. The monster intelligence system has been improved in Episode 2. As you progress, you will be able to earn new and effective talents. Keep your group brimming with new Grade A weapons, items, and armors. The branching RPG storyline continues as you fight all over the dungeons. Deal with battlefield and political issues in an unkind post-apocalyptic domain.

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All in all, the expansion includes:

  • Level 18-plus talents
  • 30+ new monster types
  • 20+ new dungeons
  • 4 new towns
  • Deep, branching storyline resumes
  • 100+ new weapons, gear, and armor

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You can download Heroes of Steel RPG now on Google Play. This Android game is free.

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