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Published on August 2nd, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


10 Best Android RPGs

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Here is a list of the 10 best Android RPGs, or role-playing games, that you can install on your smartphone and tablets. In the video games industry, RPGs are recognized to have a crazy amount of followers and regarded as one hardcore genre. Players get their enjoyment from killing enemies one by one, improving their skills, and modifying their character in the course of the game. RPGs are known to have massive and creative worlds where you have to explore, and an immersive storyline which makes the gameplay more entertaining. There are a lot of role-playing games on Google Play that’s why we took the liberty to help you discover which ones are worth it.

Best Android RPGs

10. Battleheart

Best Android RPGs No. 1 - Battleheart

Mika Mobile has flawlessly combined elements of both role-playing and real-time strategy games with Battleheart. This Android game lets you enter a world of fantasy combat where you have to establish a distinct party of heroes and guide them during frenzied battles. As you gain experience points, you can use it for power-ups, upgrade your party’s gear, and train them to be a force to be reckoned with. All throughout the game, you will find its charm and you will notice how easy to get into it. It also has an engaging and action-packed combat system that requires you to continually give out orders. For those who think that Battleheart is not that deep, think again. They have many character classes, dozens of unique skills for your heroes, 100-plus unique stuff, 30-plus levels, and epic boss battles. This Android game is quite addictive. Once you play, you can’t stop.

9. Heroes of Loot

Best Android RPGs No. 9 - Heroes of Loot

Orange Pixel’s fantasy RPG is a fun dungeon crawler featuring skulls, Cyclops, imps, minotaurs, and other kinds of enemies. Each time you play, the dungeon is randomly generated. Also, once you become better, your opponents will also become more and more dangerous. Look out for random quests as it will reward you with items, experience, loots, etc. You are free to choose from these four different classes: Valkyrie, Elf, Wizard and Warrior. This RPG will probably drain your battery as it has a challenging gameplay that will likely mean you will spend a few or several hours. Other features include leaderboards, special items, and permadeth. If you like dungeon crawling games and twin-stick titles, you will love Heroes of Loot’s fast-paced gameplay and randomly-generated environment. You will never find the end of the dungeon but it does not mean you will not have fun.

8. The Bard’s Tale

Best Android RPGs No. 8 - The Bard's Tale

inXile Entertainment developed this humorous role-playing game and was adapted to Android by Square One Games. They silenced critics when they brought a total package 3D RPG. In The Bard’s Tale, you control Bard, a self-centered mercenary tired of useless missions and pest-infested basements. With the help of magical song you call together other characters to help you in combat. This Android game features a huge world to explore, 50+ enemies, weird non-playable characters (NPCs), over 12 special bosses, 16+ genuine characters to discover, over 150 unique items, and 14 hours of voice-acting from the late Tony Jay. Luckily, the Android version now has an autosave function. If you like an RPG with a good story and presentation, then you will like Bard’s tale (no pun intended). It is an excellent port that will give you hours of enjoyment, lots of humor and solid role-playing gameplay elements.

7. Shadowrun Returns

Best Android RPGs No. 7 - Shadowrun Returns

Harebrained Schmes’ cyberpunk turn-based RPG places you in the future (year 2054 to be exact) where magic and technology has awakened mythical creatures. You are a shadowrunner, a rogue in a society where ruthless corporations suck the life of the world, living each day on instincts and skills. This Android game features 12+ hours of gameplay, grim cyberpunk setting, gripping turn-based tactical battle, character customization, over 350 weapons, abilities, and spells. Also, the Android version now lets you save your game anywhere. For fans of in-depth and classic RPG, Shadowrun Returns is a superb and engrossing adventure. Get ready to lose heaps of hours. The port from PC translates well to mobile as it gives you a great RPG experience. It is back and it is here for good.


6. The Forest of Doom

Best Android RPGs No. 6 - The Forest of Doom

Get weighed down by nostalgia with this Ian Livingstone classic, Fighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom, which was brought to Android by Tin Man Games. Play a part in one of the better gamebook adventure experiences which introduced players to fantasy RPGs in the 80s. You can now relive those quests on your Android device. The game also features realistic, physics-based dice rolling, auto-updated adventure sheet (tracks inventory and stats) , auto-mapping (you will not get lost anymore in the forest) and stat keeping. If you want to see how the gamebook looks in the 80s, simply turn off the impressive new visuals. Gamers are challenged to unlock new cover artwork and find achievements throughout the book. This Android game is a throwback to a simple kind of gaming back then. If you’re up for a quick, enjoyable, excellent storytelling and skillfully illustrated gaming experience, you’ll never go wrong with The Forest of Doom. It is role-playing at its finest.

5. Sorcery! 2

Best Android RPGs No. 5 - Sorcery! 2

From legendary designer Steve Jackson, Inkle Studios designed and adapted this new turn-based, choose-your-own adventure-style role-playing game which dares you to journey into a town full of killers and robbers on the edge of destruction. Encounter ghosts, run away from slavers, lay your bets; spend your time downing drinks, pray to strange idols, and a whole lot more. It depends on you if you will find out the city’s skeleton in the cupboard, remove from power the Council, put an end on the invasion, or leave the town to burn. What I like about this game is it tells an interactive story in real-time and your choices shapes your journey. The narrative changes based on what you do and how you play. In battle, the combat is illustrated and described on the fly. The game’s other features include the ability to play as a female or male hero, a hand-drawn city map in 3D, interior maps, a 3D spell-casting system where you can cast 48+ spells, 30+ monsters, and the content is more than doubled. Sorcery! 2 has a fascinating plot of adventure and intrigue. It is not your ordinary interactive book as it has lots of suspense and uncertainty. Even though it offers little iteration to its predecessor, the foundation is strong and the charm is still there.

4. 9th Dawn

Best Android RPGs No. 4 - 9th Dawn

If you like old-school RPGs like Ultima and looking for huge worlds to explore – just like in modern titles – then you must check out 9th Dawn from Valorware. The combination of traditional and modern RPG gameplay elements will give you a truly engaging experience. In this game, you will delve into a massive island far away from the mainland which is full of danger, mystery, and adventure. You can play as a knight, archer, or a mage. Each class is differently skilled so choose wisely. Participate in a fun adventure where you can search for treasures and artifacts, explore a huge world, or help the citizens with the undead uprising. From beginning to end, 9th Dawn is a brilliant RPG thanks to the developers’ attention to detail. Its appeal may be likened to a page-turner book in which you can’t help yourself but go on to the next page.

3. Knights of Pen & Paper +1

Best Android RPGs No. 3 - Knights of Pen and Paper

Paradox Interactive and Behold Studios’ retro style, turn-based, pixel-art RPG takes inspiration from a number of games in the 90s. The +1 edition adds a lengthy campaign, new dungeons to go into, more attacks to use in battle, and a place to store your characters. You take on the role of a player in an old-school pen and paper RPG stint. Since you are also the dungeon master, you can pick which battles you want to be in. Choose from several classes like mages and knights, and take on a handful of quests, loads of monsters, tons of equipment and other items. Knights of Pen & Paper +1 is for any kind of RPG fan. The premise might be unusual but the developer has executed well to get you hooked. They created a vast world map which contains quests that may require a bit of grinding. This tribute to Dungeons & Dragons also has some sense of humor, by the way.

2. Final Fantasy VI

Best Android RPGs No. 2 - Final Fantasy VI

20 years ago, the 6th installment in the Final Fantasy series was launched. It allows you to take control of all the main heroes as the lead role as each of the characters’ stories intertwines with each other. Also, watch out for the dramatic performances from the characters. With a magic system allowing you to control summoning and spells, and with ample amount of abilities available, gamers can hone the skills of their heroes as they see fit. Further, the game introduced the Ultima Weapon, which is considered as the most powerful sword of all-time. Square Enix has thoroughly recreated the graphics and implemented user-friendly responsive controls. It may not be the perfect Final Fantasy experience you may have on Android due to some issues but this version has maintained the core of the original (fast-paced combat, enormous world, interesting characters, and bold story) with aesthetic variations. Final Fantasy VI is one of the finest Japanese RPGs that arrived on Google Play.

1. The World Ends With You

Best Android RPGs No. 1 - The World Ends With You

Square Enix has finally made one of its best role playing games available on Android with an addictive and slick combat system, and stunning HD visuals. You control a boy named Neku who woke up in the center of Tokyo. He received a text message which thrust him into a live-or-die Reaper’s Game, a seven-day action-packed battle, with riddles always around the corner. The game features responsive controls with easy touch command to activate your abilities. It also has a deep replay value as when you complete the main story, you will uncover a funny bonus chapter, tons of quests and items to discover, new battle challenges, and mysterious reports that expands the story much more. The World Ends With You is priced rather high ($17.99) but it’s not meant for a quick session. Instead, it is made to instill a lasting impression on you with plenty of content (dozens of hours of fun gameplay). I’m just glad it became available on Google Play, a stellar and deep RPG with a rich style. I throw my hats off to the developer for telling a touching story about a group of emo youth in an extensive campaign. Again, this is a premium RPG available in the Play Store.

In our opinion, these are the top Android RPGs currently available on the market. If you are looking to get your feet wet in the genre, I promise, you will not be disappointed with our list. Since there are tons of role-playing games, we may have missed your favorite title. If so, let us know what are the best RPG games on Android in the comments section below.

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7 Responses to 10 Best Android RPGs

  1. Dave says:

    This is a decent list but it is notably missing “Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf”; it’s a gamebook / RPG hybrid with ATB battles. Shadowrun Returns also deserves to be much higher on the list, me thinks.

    Other honorable mentions include: Heroes of Steel, Tales of Illyria, and Isle of Bxnes. Possibly Baldur’s Gate: EE, but I’ve heard it has issues.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment! Baldur’s Gate was considered as well but its issues kept it off the list.

      Yeah, I may have missed that Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. I’ll try it out as it’s part of the recent Humble Bundle.

      Thanks and regards,


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  5. Vizjerei says:

    Solid list! FF and Baldur’s Gate would be my top ones. My honourable mention would go to Dragon Lords by Mighty Dragon Studios. They make really light (for us poor people running out of space on the devices) games that you can play even without 3g. I heard they are working on a game in the Steampunk universe which gets me squeaking like a school girl as I simply love Steam Punk and feel it seriously lacks good titles across app stores in this category. Thanks for the list again! I enjoyed that!

  6. Guest says:

    Chain Chronicle definitely deserve a mention on this list!

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