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Published on September 27th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


10 Best Android Tablet Games

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Google Play is home to a number of prominent games for your Android smartphones and tablets but having a bigger screen real estate and hardware specs could result in a better gameplay experience. Hence, our team has come up with the list of the best games for Android tablets. This is where size and performance really matters.

10 Best Android Tablet Games

10. The Walking Dead

Best Android Tablet Game No. 10 - The Walking Dead

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series (Seasons One and Two) is arguably one of the better adventure games in the Play Store. It effectively distorts the line between a movie and a game. If you are fond of watching The Walking Dead on TV, you may want to play this Android game as it narrates a good story, seriously taking cue from the source material. Since you will play this on your tablet, you will like the game’s remarkable visuals, notable voice acting and engrossing tale. Good luck finding a game that will tickle your fancy more than this apocalyptic story. You will love this adventure game as it centers on dealing with other people and the thrill of making a decision on the spot. More challenging puzzles are welcome but this one is already a great game. Your choices will determine how the story will play out in the next episodes. The first episode is free and the succeeding episodes are available via in-app purchase.

9. SpaceChem Mobile

Best Android Tablet Game No. 9 - Spacechem Mobile

This Android game from Zachtronics Industries is especially designed for tablets with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 or higher. If the screen resolution of your tablet is lower than this, you should try the demo version first. SpaceChem Mobile is a brutally difficult, obscenely addictive puzzle game that revolves around bogus science and building machines. Assume the role of a Reactor Engineer where you need to make factories that would convert raw materials into precious chemical products. It is certainly a complex game as you need to meet production quotas and beat the other engineers. Controls are very easy to use and the idea is perfect for an Android tablet. Its replay value is quite high as there are several solutions for every problem which will keep your brain cells working for quite some time. For $2.99, you will get one of the coolest, award-winning puzzle games around.

8. Punch Quest

Best Android Tablet Game No. 8 - Punch Quest

Developed by Rocketcat Games and Madgarden, and brought to Android by Noodlecake Studios, Punch Quest is a fighting game with an arcade-style gameplay. Controls are straightforward as you simply tap with your right and left thumbs. This Android game may not be hardcore but it has flawlessly combined two gameplay elements: casual endless/auto runner and action-packed brawling/beat-‘em-up. You will enjoy this as it also features collectible skills, upgrades, tons of missions, a bevy of customization options, and entertaining scenarios. Although it is free to play and offers in-app purchases, it does not hinder your gameplay experience. It is plain enjoyable, addictive, and funny.

7. Galaxy on Fire 2

Best Android Tablet Game No. 7 - Galaxy on Fire 2

This highly-acclaimed Galaxy on Fire 2 from Deep Silver Fishlabs boasts combat simulation and 3D space trading. Based in Hamburg/Germany, the developer offers an adventure in store for players as they take on the role of Keith T. Maxwell, a former Wing Commander, who is now earning his reputation as a gun-for-hire. Set in a fictional universe with four factions, your goal is to save the galaxy from downfall and devastation. In this Android game you will enjoy a great deal of freedom as the gameplay elements (story, sandbox, and mission) are balanced nicely. At any time, you can go on an adventure of your own and mold your own personality. You can be a hit man, pirate hunter, craftsman, mercenary, trader, transporter, weapons smuggler, or a dealer. Galaxy on Fire is a must-have. It shines like a supernova with hundreds of various space stations to discover. There might be some control issues and rare strange auto-pilot maneuvers. Nevertheless, each journey is simply amazing. If you are looking for a deep and well-polished space combat in the Play Store, look no further. Download Galaxy on Fire 2 now for free.


6. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Best Android Tablet Game No. 6 - Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Ironhide Game Studio, an indie game developer in Uruguay, is still probably has the finest tower defense title available on Google Play with Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. This addictive TD game features a fast-paced, captivating gameplay which made the original, Kingdom Rush, a much appreciated game. Guide your troops to an adventure of a lifetime as you defend your ground from carnivorous plants, fire-breathing dragons, and frightening inhabitants of the netherworld. You will keep coming back for more as you are provided with new levels, towers, heroes, and lots of good stuff. This Android game is a must-have as it brings to the table everything that made the original remarkable. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers also offers variety, depth, and accessibility. It is priced at $1.99 and you’ll never regret buying it as you’ll get entertained for hours.

5. Super Hexagon

Best Android Tablet Game No. 5 - Super Hexagon

If Leonardo da Vinci is known for his Mona Lisa, Terry Cavanagh’s work of genius is Super Hexagon. It is a minimalist action game featuring the music of Chipzel. This Android game is quite addictive and cruelly challenging. It is arguably one of the better games you can play on your tablet. Why? Well, it has good presentation and may be considered to be designed perfectly for mobile. Also, it is brutally difficult but it invites you to give it another try. Even though it is that challenging, it is never frustrating to play thanks to the responsive controls and the simplicity of taking another stab. Once you master your reflexes, spatial, and memory skills, it will become rewarding and gratifying. At $2.99, this classic should be in your games library.

4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Best Android Tablet Game No. 4 - XCOM Enemy Unknown

Originally a highly regarded console and PC game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown has invaded the Play Store. In XCOM, Earth’s governments have joined forces to establish a paramilitary group to downplay the threats coming from an unknown enemy. As the commandant, your goal is to build a fully-operational headquarters, recruit and improve your troops, uncover new weapons, research technologies that may shed light on aliens, and guide your soldiers in combat versus a frightening alien infiltration. Luckily, almost everything that we love about the console version has been carried over with tender love and care. The developer has worked on responsive touch-based controls, stunning visuals and faster loading time. Not to mention, utilizing the power of an Android tablet to its full potential. Even though it does not have a multiplayer feature, it is still deep than you could ever imagine. This Android game from 2K Games may be priced at a premium ($9.99) but it is worth it – every single cent – as the developer has justified the cost for all the hard work they put into the game.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Best Android Tablet Game No. 3 - Asphalt 8 Airborne

Gameloft’s arcade racing game leaves the competition in the dust. Its brand spanking new physics engine lets you perform dynamic stunts using high-performance luxurious cars. Choose from 56 dream autos from top licensed makers and models like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatii, and more. Aside from realistic looking cars, the car motor sounds also offer an authentic audio immersion. Asphalt 8: Airborne is pure fun. It is one of the most exciting arcade racers I’ve played on Android. Get ready for one exhilarating racing experience. It is entertaining and you will enjoy playing this game right from the get go. In spite of expensive car prices, difficult AI, and occasional loading issues, Asphalt 8 features stunning visuals, intuitive controls, various race tracks, and simultaneous multiplayer action. If you want a fun, extravagant, high-octane racing title, do not let this get away. Install Asphalt 8 on your tablets for free.

2. The Room Two

Best Android Tablet Game No. 2 - The Room Two

This Android game from Fireproof Games, a small indie studio based in the UK, is a physical puzzle game full of mystery in a beautiful 3D environment. The sequel to award-winning “The Room” was highly anticipated. Go after a trail of ambiguous letters from a scientist and delve into a gripping world of a thrilling adventure. The Room Two is easy to pick-up-and-play, hard to resist, and you will be captivated with its puzzles. It also features responsive touch controls, stunning and realistic 3D locations, highly-detailed objects, an unnerving soundtrack and haunting sound effects, and cloud save support. Although it may be easier than the original, this puzzler preserves the mystery and charm which makes it unique. For $0.99, fans of the genre will be treated to a great puzzle game. Do not miss out on this one as it probably has one of the better gameplay experiences you can find on Google Play.

1. Monument Valley

Best Android Tablet Game No. 1 - Monument Valley

ustwo, an indie global studio, developed and published this Android game. Players will guide Princess Ida through impossible objects, mysterious monuments, optical illusions, and hidden paths. The design is brilliant in all aspects. Its art and sound design are surreal, it’s like you’re in a dream where you don’t want to wake up. Every screen is stunning, serene, and looks like a masterpiece. Drag and rotate unique, hand-crafted monuments to reshape the area and lend a hand to Ida to delve into the world. Anyone can play this game with easy to use, pick-up-and-play style of gameplay. Use headphones to hear how the audio react on your every move. Another feature of this game is cloud save where you can sync your game in all of your devices. Monument Valley offers beautiful, original, graceful, and fascinating puzzles in each level. It may be short in length and lacks difficulty but it is still an experience that you should not miss. Get it in the Play Store for $3.99.

What do you think of our list of the top Android tablet games? Did we miss your favorite game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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