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Published on September 13th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


10 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Games of August 2015

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We played a number of games in August. Some of the new titles might even end up in our end of year list of the best games in their respective categories. We’ll see in December what happens.

So, if you are looking for the top mobile games you could play now, you could never go wrong with this list. Here are the top 10 mobile games last month:

10 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Games of August 2015

  1. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 ($4.99)

No. 10 Best iPhone and iPad Game of August 2015 - RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

This full-featured construction and management simulation game from Frontier Developments lets players take charge of handling amusement parks. Build – or demolish – rides, adjust scenery and terrains, and control the prices to maintain happy visitors. All the gameplay elements from the original are present, thanks to the very faithful port of the PC version. It is a good iOS game that gives you the chance to build your dream theme park. Although there are some limitations on the touch screen, this title works well. It comes highly recommended as you entertain yourself with mix of strategy and sandbox gameplay.

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  1. Ski Safari 2 ($1.99)

No. 9 Best iPhone and iPad Game of August 2015 - Ski Safari 2

This skiing game from Sleepy Z Studios is back. You can play as Sven or his sister Evana to accomplish and unlock new gear and vehicles. You can even share the fun when you play in head-to-head multiplayer mode with your loved ones. Also, you can perform new tricks on skis and snowboards. Further, you can ride on wild new animals. Do you enjoy endless runners? Are you a fan of the original? If the answer is yes, then I would recommend this mobile game for iPhone and iPad users. It is enjoyable and silly at times. The inclusion of a new camera mode, tricks, and local multiplayer provide enough variety although you may be familiar with the gameplay. Nevertheless, it is a solid sequel that has the pros and cons of the original.

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  1. Loot & Legends (Free)

Loot & Legends Game Review for iPad Featured Image

This tabletop RPG from DropForge Games offers a classic adventure. Take a trip down memory lane when matches were set atop tables and magic was only bounded by your mind. Gather powerful cards to defeat your competition. This iPad game has the charm of Card Hunter without the frustrating grinding to progress. It seems like it is an ideal game for a tablet as it is well-polished. If you love tabletop RPGs, this title will both appeal and engross you, thanks to the gameplay experience it provides. The deck-building and board game style battles will give you plenty of things to look forward to. Read our Loot & Legends Review for iPad and see why we rated it 4 stars.

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  1. The Path to Luma (Free)

No. 7 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Game of August 2015 - The Path To Luma

This adventure puzzle game from NRG Energy comes with no in-app purchases or ads. Your mission is to help SAM, or Sustainability Augmentation Model, save the universe and its civilization. Delve into and work on wonderful worlds to get to the bottom of different sources of clean energy concealed on every planet. This puzzler is both thought-provoking and delightful in its own way. Get rewarded whenever you solve engaging and gripping puzzles. If you are a puzzle fan, you should try this iOS and Android game. They’ve put together a beautiful and worth-having puzzle experience on mobile.

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  1. Galactic Keep ($3.99)

No. 6 Best iPhone and iPad Game of August 2015 - Galactic Keep

This sci-fi tabletop RPG from Gilded Skull Games allows you to explore gorgeous, original maps in a thoroughly illustrated universe. You are free to wander wherever you prefer, discovering things along the way. As you begin your quest, you will be able to build your character. It’s your choice if you want to be a pirate, bounty hunter, warrior or timemaster. Earn valuable experience during your adventure and customize your hero as you level up. Collect weapons, items and special attacks. You can also unlock different hidden characters. Obviously, the developer made this with high attention to detail. The graphics are unique and if you are an RPG fan who like monster-bashing, give this iPhone and iPad game your time.

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  1. Pac-Man 256 – Endless Arcade Maze (Free)

Pac-Man 256 - Endless Arcade Maze Game Review Featured Image for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

This arcade game from Bandai Namco, 3 Sprockets and Hipster Whale, creators of Crossy Road, lets you play endless Pac-Man. The developer revived the 1980’s classic with a unique twist as it includes brand new features for your tablet or mobile phone. Outwit ghosts with more than a dozen power-ups and stay always one step ahead of The Glitch. It is probably one of the better Pac-Man games to date with an excellent balance of modern and classic gameplay elements. Just like the original, it is addictive. For the modern-day gamers, it is free-to-play but it is honest and does not take advantage of your wallet. Lovely tribute to one of the classics that you should try. Read our Pac-Man 256 review and check out why we rated it 4.5 stars.

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  1. Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon ($4.99)

No. 4 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Game of August 2015 - Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon

This puzzle / action-adventure game from Tiger Style is the sequel to the highly acclaimed 2009 game Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. You control a spider whose goal is to eat insects and spin webs to survive. Simultaneously, you can also take a look at the manor, searching for clues and secrets. In every level, you must eat a particular amount of insects so that you can advance to the next level. The iOS and Android game can also track the player’s location, time of day and has a real-time weather conditions. This puzzler is superb visually plus it has that distinctive music that draws you into the mansion. Controls-wise it is easy to be familiar with and the gameplay is both charming and interesting. A must-have game as it offers an immersive adventure.

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  1. Sage Solitaire (Free)

No. 3 Best iPhone and iPad Game of August 2015 - Sage Solitaire

This card puzzle game from Zach Gage is a fresh take on Solitaire that brings together the fun and luck of traditional Klondike played on your Windows computer with the depth of a poker game. The title just looks amazing, the sound effects add a good vibe and its gameplay is challenging enough. If you thought it’s going to be just a quick game, think again. It could eat up hours as this iPhone and iPad game is that addictive. It is one of the well-designed games I’ve played this year. You can get the full game for $2.99 to unlock three different game modes, leaderboards, statistics, themes, wallpapers, and night mode. You should install it now.

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  1. Horizon Chase – World Tour ($2.99)

No. 2 Best iPhone and iPad Game of August 2015 - Horizon Chase World Tour

This racing game from Aquiris Game Studio is inspired by the retro games of the 80’s and 90’s. It features a classic arcade gameplay with reinvented 16-bit graphics. The blend of style makes it stunning. You’ll feel the retro vibe but with a modern twist. It is a fun racer, no doubt. It can also serve as a benchmark for other developers who would make retro-inspired titles. It delivers a nerve-wracking experience with smooth frame-rate, beautiful locations, outstanding soundtrack, challenging gameplay, plenty of content, high replay value, easy controls and tons of nostalgia. Simply one of the best racing games on iOS today. Racing fan? You must have this title.

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  1. Lara Croft GO ($4.99)

No. 1 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Game of August 2015 - Lara Croft GO

This turn-based puzzle adventure game from Square Enix lets you go into ruins of an age-old civilization. Dig up hidden secrets and deal with challenges. Feel the rich visuals and spellbinding soundtrack. This iPhone, iPad and Android game allows you to move the iconic heroine with simple swipe controls. The developer took all the positive things from Hitman GO and introduced fresh variants and gameplay mechanics on the puzzles to make it appropriate for a Tomb Raider title. If you love the series, you can’t go wrong with one of the best puzzle games available on the App Store and Play Store. It delivers a terrific puzzle experience as it stands out among other full-of-action and nerve-wracking games.

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What do you think of our list of the best iPhone, iPad and Android games of August 2015? Did we miss a good game? If so, share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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