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Published on January 1st, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


15 Best Android RPGs of 2014

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2014 is coming to a close and we would like to thank the developers who provided us with their finest role-playing games for Android. We have selected the cream of the crop whether they are classified as Western and Japanese, Role-Playing Choices, Fantasy, Sandbox, Action, MMORPGs, Rogue-like, and Tactical. Without further ado, here are 15 of the top Android RPGs of 2014:

Best Android RPGs of 2014

  1. Tiny Dice Dungeon

Best Android RPG Tiny Dice Dungeon

James Barnard of Springloaded Software developed this epic yet free RPG. It was published on Android by Kongregate. If you’re a fan of the genre, you will love that this game is full of warriors, wizards, dangers, and loot. Generally, it is a fun game to play as it comes with a lot of out of the ordinary concepts. Though it may not be as well-polished as the big-budgeted games, it still offers depth including a funny tone. Tabletop and RPG fans must download Tiny Dice Dungeon, a free-to-play, dice-based, dungeon crawler, on the Play Store today.

  1. The Nightmare Cooperative

Best Android RPG The Nightmare Cooperative

Blazing Griffin acquired 2 intellectual properties from Lucky Frame, including this difficult game. It may be considered more of a puzzler but since it has rogue-like RPG elements, we decided to include it on our list. In this engaging strategic adventure, you will lead a team to overcome tough circumstances. Your community has hit rock bottom financially and it’s your job to bring back some gold. As the name implies, the characters move together, hence, the word cooperative. It combines a slide-based puzzler brilliantly and smoothly with rogue-like RPG gameplay mechanics. Hands down, the developer has done a clever execution.

  1. Secret of Mana

Best Android RPG Secret of Mana

In 1993, this game was originally released in Japan. At that time, the real-time battle gameplay mechanic was ground-breaking. It stands out among the other action RPGs because of its beautifully rendered world and smooth gameplay which allows any player, whether a curious novice or an old expert, to enjoy. What I like about the port, even though it’s far from perfect, is that everything that made it famous back then was carried over. Secret of Mana is worth every penny if you like a classic role-playing game with an excellent presentation. It is a delightful adventure filled with unforgettable characters, gameplay, and scenarios. Although the touch screen controls may not be as great as I hoped for, Square Enix still has one of the best RPGs in the Play Store.

  1. Terra Battle

Best Android RPG Terra Battle

Mistwalker Corporation has put together a creative RPG. It has a good storyline, plenty of characters and an exceptional battle system. You can move your units freely on a grid-based map to strike your enemies on both sides. Also, you can position characters to execute a chain attack in one go together with your allies. Further, you can customize your heroes by changing his job or acquiring new skills. Terra Battle is an expansive game with tons of maps and hundreds of foes to confront. This Android game balanced well the genres of role-playing, puzzle, and action into one.

  1. Swordigo

Best Android RPG Swordigo

Touch Foo’s action RPG combines platforming and adventure remarkably well. As you jump between platforms there will never be a boring moment especially when you slash your sword against a glut of opponents. It is a challenging adventure where you will delve into a mysterious realm of towns, dungeons, loots, and competent monsters. This Android game is exciting right from the start thanks to its unstoppable, action-packed pace. I guarantee that you’ll get hooked as there’s a lot of exploring and a lot of combat. Swordigo is an entertaining game you can enjoy in either quick or long sessions. It has a high replay value as you can deal with other areas, utilize alternative spells and weapons, and allocate experience points (XP) in a different way.

  1. Dragon Quest IV

Best Android RPG Dragon Quest IV

Square Enix’s RPG series is always an epic adventure. Take part in a fantasy world full of magic, monsters, and swords. It features: party talk where you can chat with your companions, 360-degree views to view everything, wagon quest where you could call on a team of up to 10 buddies, and AI Battles wherein your friend can fight automatically. We chose Dragon Quest IV as the best in the series. The port of this classic JRPG was fantastic. The quest may be extensive but it never gives you the feeling of grinding. Its price may be considered a premium but you will be entertained with this fantasy adventure that will keep you glued for a long time.

  1. bit Dungeon II

Best Android RPG bit Dungeon II

Kinto Games’ fast-paced, action-packed rogue-like RPG offers a vast world to explore. In this game, you will control a spirit in an underworld full of demons. The premise is that your special someone’s grave has been dishonored and you will battle it out to bring peace to her spirit. This title features permadeath, unique weapons, randomly generated items, and huge bosses. If you’re looking for a complex RPG yet simple enough to play, bit Dungeon II has that satisfying gameplay, excellent soundtrack, and good sound effects. It is challenging yet addicting. Though this real-time rogue-like side-scroller could frustrate you, you will surely play it again the next time.

  1. Wayward Souls

Best Android RPG Wayward Souls

Developed by Rocketcat Games and published by Noodlecake Studios on Android, this game is a mix of action, adventure, and dungeon crawler with randomized stages and permadeath. It offers a fast, twitch-based battle system where positioning, tactics, and timing are really important. Manage the game with touch-screen controls designed for quick sessions yet packs a ton of replay value. It is a rogue-like action RPG that sets a standard for other games to measure up against. Wayward Souls is a must-have for hack and slash fans, who love loads of action with easy to pick up yet challenging gameplay. This RPG will let you in a nostalgic feeling and intensely grinding difficulty. You will come back for more thanks to its replayability factor.

  1. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Best Android RPG Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition

Beamdog brings us this fantasy RPG adventure. Originally launched in 2000, Icewind Dale was part of the Dungeons & Dragons game set in the classic Forgotten Realms of Wizards of the Coasts. With this Enhanced Edition, new players are given a chance to experience this legendary adventure. Uncover dozens of items and spells including magical weapons and armors. Choose from over 30 fresh kits and classes to make the ideal party. You could also join your buddies in cross-platform, cooperative multiplayer games. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition may be best played in a long continuous session. The amount of content is more than enough to purchase this in the Play Store. If you’re looking for your fix of D&D, you will definitely enjoy this game.

  1. Knights of the Old Republic

Best Android RPG Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Aspyr’s deep RPG was recently launched on Android, hence, I missed it on our original list. For those interested in the Star Wars world, you should give Knights of the Old Republic a try. Why? It’s one of the top Star Wars games you could play and one of the best RPGs I’ve personally played. Also, KOTOR offers a vintage, role-playing gaming experience with unique creatures, characters, planets, and vehicles. In this game, you are the last person who gives hope to the Jedi Order. You will carve your own path whether you are going to save the Republic or get lured to the dark side. The fate of the whole galaxy lies on your hand. Even though there are some minor control issues and old-school graphics, this is still not your ordinary RPG. It is well-polished for the modern age.

  1. Battleheart Legacy

Best Android RPG Battleheart Legacy

Mika Mobile has come up with a long, hassle-free action-RPG adventure. In this sequel to Battleheart, you will go into an in-depth fantasy realm where you can customize your characters with potent skills, fight it out with hordes of opponents, come across strange heroes, and find out the story of the world you’re in. This game is customizable, enjoyable, and full of features like a re-imagined real-time battle system, animation and VFX beyond compare, hundreds of unique skills and equipment, dozens of classes to chooses from, and mind-blowing boss battles that will test you. This year, it is one of the best games I’ve gotten my hands into. Batlleheart Legacy is simply one of the top action RPGs available on the market today. The developer has worked hard to design this role-playing game and loaded it with plenty of action. It is definitely a worthy sequel to Battleheart.

  1. Final Fantasy VI

Best Android RPG Final Fantasy VI

Square Enix’s JRPG first launched in 1994, where you have the ability to play all the main heroes as the game’s central character. Up to today, the classic tale connecting each of their stories is still popular. There are plenty of abilities you could use and the magic system for managing summons and spells allow players to improve their characters based on their preferences. The port may not be perfect but the core of the original was preserved. Every graphics was re-created, the controls are user-friendly, the combat are fast-paced, the world you’ll explore is vast, the characters are fascinating, and the original story is present. Final Fantasy VI is one of the premium JRPGs that is available on Android. It’s a must-buy.

  1. The Banner Saga

Best Android RPG The Banner Saga

Stoic Studio, an indie developer, and Versus Evil, a publisher, worked together to give us, Android gamers, The Banner Saga. Get on a grand journey in this tactical RPG. Decide wisely as your choices will influence your personal tale, including the result of battles faced during your fight for survival. Inspired by the tale of the Vikings, embark on a 2D fantasy world. The animations and combat sequences are all hand drawn beautifully. Take control of over 25+ characters with unique traits. It is uncommon to see an Android port that preserves wonderfully the PC version. This Android game is arguably one of the better games you could play on mobile. It’s very easy to play, engaging, well-polished, and enjoyable from the start to the end. If you happen to play a story driven game before, you should try this out. Once you get hooked in the story, you will have a ride of your life.

  1. The World Ends With You

Best Android RPG The World Ends With You

Square Enix has in their hands one of the best role playing games ever made. The launch on Android comes with addictive and slick new battle system with eye-popping visuals. The touch commands are simple like dragging, slashing, and tapping. You will control a boy who didn’t know why he woke up in a crowded intersection in Tokyo. He then received a text message that goes: “Clear this mission…or face erasure.” The life-or-death game has started as the boy rushes to the streets faced with riddles. This JRPG is a high-quality port that is reimagined greatly. The developer has retained the innovative combat system, making it a solid game that will leave a lasting impact to gamers. Price tag may not be affordable but The World Ends With You is an incomparable role-playing game that is charming right from the get go. It has a deep replay value where you could unlock a funny bonus chapter as soon as you complete the main story. You will then be given more quests and items to discover, and fresh challenges. \ Welcome this game on your library.

  1. Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC

Best Android RPG Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors Cut

Harebrained Schemes releases a standalone game from their highly-acclaimed Dragonfall series. This cyberpunk turn-based RPG offers tons of new content, and improvements to the original. There are 5 new missions, music, a revamped interface, alternate endings, customization options, a redesigned battle system, and a whole lot more. Set in the futuristic world of Shadowrun, you will take part in a story-driven, classic RPG. Immersed yourself in a 20-plus hours of campaign, experience a dystopian future, guide your small team to complete missions, and each turn in the tactical battle matters. So, decide wisely. It’ll be hard as there are hundreds of spells and weapons available. Pick from a starting hero and progress from there. Grow and develop your character in any way you prefer. Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut is a fast-paced, well-balanced RPG.

What do you think of our list of the top Android RPGs of 2014? If you believe that we have missed one of the best RPG games on Android, let us know in the comments section below.

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