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Published on February 11th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


The Best Board Games for Mobile

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Board games tend to make their way out of the closet on rainy weekends and big family holidays as a fun way for people to get together. While board games may lack the sensory overload of their electronic counterparts, the titles have stood the test of the time for a simple reason: they’re fun! Whether you stick to the classics such as Scrabble and Risk or dig deeper to titles like Settlers of Catan (or Cones of Dunshire for you Parks and Recreation fans), these games continue to be played because they require skill and strategy and can build up tension among players.

Mobile game developers understand this and have translated a number of popular titles from your kitchen table to iOS and Android. Here are some of the best versions out there.

Ticket to Ride for iPhone, iPad and Android: Serious board game players know all about Ticket to Ride and likely have a copy or two hanging around. This is a fast-paced game where players collect cards and then use sets of the same colors to claim train routes across the board with bonuses for linking specific cities. The tabletop version features different maps and expansions, all of which are available on the iOS version to mix up game play whether play on your phone or a tablet. With so many versions of Ticket to Ride out there, as shown in this outline, having a mobile version is much easier.

Monopoly Big Event at Gala Casino: We have to go with a classic, right? There is no shortage of Monopoly simulations out there, so why not pick a version that takes the popular game and twists it ever so slightly. This online game, playable here, lets players try to match tokens from the game with wild cards that can lead to bigger prizes. Play it right and you’ll own Boardwalk in no time (with no arguments to speak of!).

Pandemic for iPad and Android: This game differs from most as players need to work together instead of against one another, adding an extra level of intrigue. Players must collect different sets of cards to cure diseases spreading across the world with different players having varied skill sets. Pandemic is notoriously hard and the game usually ends with a worldwide disease outbreak, but that makes conquering it that much more fun. The mobile version includes all of this and is a great game for groups of people.

Desert Fox for iOS only: This is a turn-by-turn strategy game where you pick sides in World War II while fighting in North Africa. The key is to station troops across the board and cut off your opponent’s supply chain to cripple their resources. It’s a great head-to-head game that builds up a lot of tension between competitors. While the set up is different each time, there is plenty of room for strategic choices so no two sessions play the same. Also, not many board games feature strong gameplay with just two players, but this one? Absolutely.

There are many more board games that have translated to the mobile world. And the reality is that board games don’t have to just be against your Uncle Frank at Thanksgiving. They can also be a fun activity that you enjoy on your mobile device, sans awkward family interaction.

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