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Published on May 27th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Blazin’ Aces Review

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Red Dot Lab, a game developer based in South Africa, has launched onto Google Play an old-school dogfighting game dubbed as Blazin’ Aces. This Android game is a 2D side-scroller where you have to fight above ground.

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In the campaign game mode, you will take control of a pilot whose mission is to defeat invading enemies. With an arcade gameplay and good graphics, the game stands out because you play from a 2D point of view. It creates some challenge and depth because you need to use your brains to win missions. You can’t be trigger happy holding down the shoot button as it will overheat. Also, as soon as your plane takes some damage, it will be harder to control.

In each level, you are pitted together with friendly aircrafts against various enemy planes. Luckily, the odds are not against you. Whoever gets to score a set number first will win. Accumulate points by shooting on your opponents. You’ll get 1 point for every hit and 10 points each time you take a plane down. Every time you crash, you can launch again. If you think your aircraft is going down, you can elect to eject your pilot and save points – assuming you’ll be able to run to a safe base – then, you can launch a new plane.

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It is easy to play because the controls are pretty basic. However, it’s difficult to master. Make sure to adjust the buttons and make them bigger. Located on the lower left side of the screen are eject, left & right movement buttons. On the opposite side, the shoot, power-up and turn buttons are placed. Take advantage of the turn button when the enemy is right behind you firing its weapon. This way, your plane will not be an easy target.

What I love about this game is its replay value is solid. You can set-up a skirmish mode where you can fiddle with the game’s difficulty (easy, medium, hard, or insane), power-ups, number of points to win, stage (farm, Sahara, Vietnam, or North Pole), number of allies, and enemies (up to a maximum of 4-on-4 aerial combat).

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At first, the game is fun to play but you might feel the gameplay is a little bit repetitive. Even though there are special weapons power-ups you can pick up via dropping parachutes, you might get tired of attacking enemy jets all throughout. I’m not sure what is missing but a little variety in gameplay would probably suffice.

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Blazin’ Aces is a cute air combat game that includes quite a story and neat visuals. Though the backgrounds may look plain, sound effects are realistic. This Android game is a classic flying shooter where you need to control your plane and shoot everything that gets in its way. Bottom line, it is a good time waster.

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Blazin’ Aces Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: It is a good game especially between breaks. Once you master the controls, you’ll be pleased. For $0.99, this Android game is polished enough not to pick-up. Don’t be afraid to take off with Blazin’ Aces.


Take Off

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