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Published on April 7th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Dark Slash: Hero Review

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Dark Slash: Hero is everything you could ever want in a sequel. The original Dark Slash featured quick, clean and satisfying gameplay in a mature and difficult environment. This action game from Veewo Games features the same key components and brings new improvements without compromising the quality of the experience. There are minor graphical upgrades, extended gameplay and an expansive upgrade system among the solid core elements of this challenging title.

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Dark Slash: Hero is nearly identical to its predecessor with its control.  The player can move the character by dragging a finger across the screen and can attack by tapping the screen, which causes the character to slash away in the direction of the tap. The player will encounter short-range weaklings, archers, mages, long-ranged swordsman and bosses much like the original. Each enemy plays the same as the first title, with the exception of unique bosses. There are also new enemies, like the fresh exploding sac-like enemies which the player must avoid instead of simply slashing through. As you progress, you’ll encounter bosses both old and new.

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A major improvement over the original Dark Slash is the comprehensive progress system. Each stage shows how far along you are, each boss’ (known as “Devil”) health is displayed as a progress bar atop the screen, and after being killed, a progress bar reports how much you have advanced (in percentage). In conjunction with this is the leveling system. As you play, your character will level up and, with the use of orbs you earn for each kill, you can purchase character upgrades and consumable bonuses. This is a much more in-depth system than the original, featuring upgrades like “stamina bonus” and “save point”.

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It’s also possible to purchase multiple different characters, although it would be nice if you could earn more of these with in-game currency, as more than half of the unlockable characters are locked behind payment barriers. Also, there is no customization of the control scheme. You may ask why it does not have an on-screen joystick as sometimes your hand may take up a chunk of the screen. This could happen if you play it on your smartphone. Anyway, if you have an iPad, I would suggest using it to play this action game.

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Nevertheless, my time with Dark Slash: Hero was more than enough as it is clear that they kept everything that made the original such a hit while also introducing a number of improvements. From playing the game for quite some time, I now feel the compulsive need to beat it. Playing Dark Slash: Hero is an enjoyable experience and it is a worthy successor with minor shortcomings.

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Dark Slash: Hero Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Dark Slash: Hero from Veewo Games is an action-packed title. This sequel to the original Dark Slash action game is a better version. It is a noteworthy pick-up that you should add in your library.


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