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Published on December 9th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Dead Effect 2 Review

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Dead Effect 2 is a first person shooter developed by BadFly Interactive for iOS and Android, set on board a spaceship that is riddled with zombies, soldiers, cyber dogs, and bodies. Oh, and blood. Plenty of blood!

Dead Effect 2 starts off with you choosing one of three characters, each have their own special ability that you’ll be able to make use of later down the line, as well as their own dialog that you’ll get to hear throughout the rest of the game. Once you’ve picked your character, you’ll be treated to a little bit of story, some of which I assume helps to tie together some of the events from the original Dead Effect into the sequel.

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Once the initial story portion is over, you’ll wake up on a table and a doctor will ask you to follow his light, which is done by swiping in the direction the light is heading. After a few seconds they seem happy with you, and then proceed to put you back to sleep. A few seconds later, you wake up with blood all around you, a sight you’ll probably going to have to get used to seeing in this sci-fi horror FPS. Soon enough, you’ll be given access to your character and you can finally make a start on the iPhone game.

Controls are your typical first person shooter: you look at what you want dead; you fire. But, you won’t be having a button to shoot, instead you have a zoom function and whenever your crosshair comes across an enemy, your character will proceed to fire, regardless of accuracy. For the most part, Dead Effect 2 is just your typical FPS, but it does have a couple of little additions to make the iPad game a little more interesting and immersive.

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In the game, you’ll come across a number of interactive objects, and sometimes they’ll have you get involved in some way. For instance, the first interactive object you come across will ask you to place your finger on the scanner, which gives the impression of your finger actually being scanned, which is a nice bit of immersion I was happy to come across.

Dead Effect 2 doesn’t do anything too spectacular to break the mold of a regular FPS, but it has taken some inspiration from the Mass Effect series (didn’t notice the name similarity until I had typed that out) with its use of special abilities. After the first mission, you can upgrade your character with abilities, all of which will help you to survive the horrors on this spacecraft. These abilities really help to keep the Android game a little more fresh and interesting when in comparison to other shooters, since destroying a zombie’s use of gravity, allowing them to float around, while you take pot-shots at them is a fair amount of fun.

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Dead Effect 2 is designed to be a single-player, free-to-play game that only has a story, something I found a little bizarre when most iPhone games of this type tend to just have you replay levels over and over again to upgrade your weapons and whatnot, while simply ignoring any notion of a story. Clearly not something Dead Effect 2 has taken on board, as instead, it focuses solely on the story, yet it adds the addition of having a level-up system, upgradable weapons and abilities, and micro transactions.

After each level you complete and finish, you’ll be able to boost your special abilities to make them a touch more potent, or you can spend your hard-earned zombie killing cash to buy new weapons, be they melee or ranged. You do have the option of spending real money to purchase a bunch of credits to skip the grinding you might have to do, but on a single-player game it may not even seem remotely worth it.

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Aesthetically, the iPad game could be considered a little outdated on its graphics, even if the game did come out this year, but that only tends to be on the character models and the environments. The real detail appears to be more invested on the weapons more than anything else, as the models for them appear to be more detailed and of a higher caliber.

It’s not often I feel the need to mention this in many games, especially on iOS games, but the first time I came across this I just had to throw it in: voice acting! The voice acting in the game is just bad; there is no other way to put it. When you’re selecting your character at the very beginning, whenever you click on someone else, they will speak and what they say is both cringe-worthy and bad. This is not an Android game that gets any marks for its voice acting, not even in the slightest. To help support this idea in a minor way, sometimes the subtitles that will show up on screen will not be exactly what the character had just said. Not major by any means, but a little awkward at best.

Overall, Dead Effect 2 is actually quite a fun game, even if it is a little different to see a single-player, story based free-to-play shooter on the App Store, but I’m not complaining. Voice acting may be bad, and character models don’t look the best for a game that’s not even near a year old yet, but the overall gameplay is fun. Plus, the idea to make use of special abilities, just like out of Mass Effect is an idea that has and will serve them well for their game. Micro transactions aren’t really needed in Dead Effect 2, but since at no point do the developers ever really ask for any money, it can be excused. If you’re a fan of first person shooters, even more so if you love a bit of horror or sci-fi, then you can’t go wrong with at least giving the game a chance since it’s free anyway.

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Dead Effect 2 Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Voice acting isn’t the best, nor is the graphics, but the whole fundamentals of Dead Effect 2 make for a fun first person shooter that I would recommend for pretty much anyone to simply give the game a try.


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