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Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Metal Slug 3 Review

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Even though Metal Slug 3 from SNK Playmore may be released a little late on the Android platform, it is still a must buy game. Thanks to the previous Humble Bundle, I was able to purchase the game together with other great titles for less than $5. Anyway, this Android game is an enjoyable shooter with plenty of humor.

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For those who are not familiar with this classic 2D action-shooter, it has appeared already in a number of platforms and was originally launched in 2000. Gamers new to the series will love it while the veterans might argue that it is probably the best Metal Slug episode thus far. The developer has opted to keep the same weapons but introduced a branching map system. It gives the players option to choose which road to take. Other new features were fresh slugs and the ability to turn into a zombie (who spits toxic blood). SNK Playmore has delivered a faithful port of the original. They also added two-player multiplayer game mode via Bluetooth, various difficulties to suit your skill, visual options, and support for tracking your achievements.

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You start the game by choosing from one of the four characters to battle it out with soldiers, submarines, huge crabs, zombies, and other unique opponents. Save prisoners and get rewarded with points, bombs, or weapons. You can control your hero by using the virtual d-pad on the bottom left corner while the action buttons are on the opposite side. The A button is for shooting, B for jump, and C for special items like bombs. You can change the alignment and the location of the buttons depending on your preference.

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Metal Slug 3 is not your easy shooter. As I mentioned above, there are different difficulty levels and aside from the well-known Arcade mode, this game now has a Mission mode which lets you pick a stage you want to test your skills. The new mode allows players to choose to begin on any mission rather than having to grind through from the start. With this feature, users can experience the game as much as they want. Sync up via Bluetooth and play with another player a multiplayer co-op.

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There are instances when the screen can become hectic with a lot of explosions and tons of enemies trying to get you killed. Also, the virtual controls could be improved. First, it is transparent. It may get obscured especially when the on-screen action develops into something chaotic. If you have a genie by your side, you’ll probably use your wish for a joystick or a controller. Why? Well, the controls can sometimes be sluggish or unresponsive at times.

Nevertheless, Metal Slug 3 still is a quality run-and-gun arcade shooter that will bring back nostalgia. This Android game is a classic shoot-em-up with a fun, action-packed gameplay. For $3.99, it has plenty of features that are enough to overcome its shortcomings.

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Metal Slug 3 Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

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Summary: Metal Slug 3 is a great port from the original. This Android game provides an intense high-quality action brimming with humor. Even though it suffers from unresponsive controls from time to time, it’s still a good shooter to have in your library.


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