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Published on March 19th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Planet Quest Review

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Do you like space? Do you like people dressed up as cute animals? Do you like rhythm games? If you just so happen to like all of those, which brings out the little freak in you, then you’ll love Planet Quest from OutOfTheBit. This action game for iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad) is a difficult, stylish and enjoyable rhythm game with aliens and talking planets.

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I’m just going to start this by telling you that I suck at this game. I usually pick up rhythm games pretty quickly. I play Osu, and I can play Rock Band and Guitar Hero on expert. But for the life of me, I cannot get anywhere near the higher scores of other players, and I’ve just barely finished a stage. Planet Quest is an endless rhythm game, so each stage is a new song and space-setting of increasing difficulty as you rack up more and more points.

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The visuals are very cute, and one could argue that the game was styled after a psychedelic montage. From asteroids to moons to singing planets, you’ll travel far across the galaxy.  I highly recommend that you do not play this game if you suffer from seizures or epilepsy. As you play bright lights flash, and the camera zooms in and out of the planet, increasing difficulty and adding to that montage feel.

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Most of the songs are fun, techno songs that fit in a cute-space environment. When the planet starts to sing, the songs are much more reggae, adding even more to the psychedelic nature of the game. The player, an alien in an orbiting ship, rains fire down on the surface at each beat of the music, which is often a mirror of the sound the passing “note” makes as it spawns. Each note that the player must tap on is actually a person in an animal costume. The mice people pop out rapidly, the moose is a much slower note, and the giraffe is somewhere in between. Each time you miss you lose one of three hearts, and each time you score a “bad” laser hit you lose half of one heart. This rapid combination of dancing animals, camera changes, lights and fast music makes for a very fun and difficult barrage.

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Although I can’t get very far, and some parts of the game may be considered weird, it’s quite enjoyable. There’s just a pleasure in shooting small dancing people-animals from space to the beat of some music. Again, fans of techno music, space and cuteness will love Planet Quest, and it’s all for free!

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Planet Quest Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

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Summary: If you love rhythm games, you should try Planet Quest. It is simple, enjoyable, and provides a one of a kind musical experience on your iOS device. Planet Quest is addictive and you'll probably nod your head for quite some time -- even after playing.


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