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Published on December 20th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Super Dangerous Dungeons Review

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Super Dangerous Dungeons is a 2015 remake of the game of (nearly) the same name: Dangerous Dungeons. This mobile game from Jussi Simpanen of Adventure Islands comes with updated graphics, and instead of being on PC, it’s now been released to iOS and Android in its 2D platforming state, completely free of charge.

Before I go any further, I’m going to start on the controls, since in a platformer, the controls tend to be one of the more important aspects of the iPhone game. The controls are simple: use left, right, and up arrows. Whichever arrow you press, your character will proceed to go in that direction, with the up arrow your character will jump.

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Controls on touchscreen devices have always been subpar when compared to a control-scheme that makes use of physical buttons, like a controller. Thankfully, with Super Dangerous Dungeons, the controls tend to be quite solid, and I’ve had little-to-few issues when it came to the controls and they’re not something you can blame the game on when you die. When I first played the iPad game, I wasn’t so happy with the controls, as they appeared to be a little floaty at first, but once the developer updated the game and tightened up the controls, it only made my feelings towards the game become a whole lot more positive.

When it comes to gameplay, it’s very simple: you traverse the level, looking for a key, and once you find that key, it will unlock the exit for you. You go through that exit and you’ll go onto the next level. Of course, you’re journey isn’t always going to be a few simple jumps, so you are bound to die way more than just the once. Unlike some other platformers, this one doesn’t have any checkpoints. The Android game doesn’t care how far you’ve gotten into the level, if you die at the last hurdle, you’ll just have to do it all over again. Surprisingly, though, how often I died, which was a lot, never really bothered me. I didn’t find myself getting frustrated, because the levels were never really long enough to get frustrated over when I had to restart, but they were long enough to feel some satisfaction whenever a particularly difficult level has been beaten.

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In terms of content, there are 4 different dungeons for you to tackle as the player. Each of the 4 dungeons has their own element tied to them, with those elements being: grass, water, fire, and electricity. There are 10 levels in every one of those dungeons, not including the boss fight that you will have to encounter before you move on to the next dungeon.

Boss fights aren’t particularly impressive in Super Dangerous Dungeons, however, as all you are required to do is run away from whatever it is that’s chasing you until you get to the end of the level. All these boss fights make you do is give you an excuse to rush, and possibly make you die because of it, but other than that, the boss fights aren’t anything too special at all.

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The only dungeon that doesn’t have a boss fight is the fourth one; the electric dungeon. Instead of giving you a boss fight, you’ll come to a giant door that you can’t open. Go towards the left, however, and you’ll come across 4 screenshots of 4 different areas, each one of them a clue to a secret level in each one of the 4 dungeons. You manage to find all 4 secret levels and complete them, then that giant door will finally be available to you. What’s behind that door is untold riches, oh, and one final level, that final level being the longest, most arduous level that you’ll come across through the entire iPhone game.

Aesthetically, the iPad game makes use of 16-bit pixel-art graphics, a graphics style that fits the game perfectly. It adds a level of charm that the game would have lost if it hadn’t of opted for it, and I feel that combined with the solid controls is the main reason I stuck around to the very end, regardless of just how many deaths I’ve had up until that point.

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It was a really nice surprise when I came to the final level, only to have it tell me that I need to go off in search of a few secret levels if I want to truly getting the ending I deserve. It gave me a reason to keep my interest in the Android game, but only to a degree. Once you’ve beaten all the levels, along with the secret ones, there’s not much else to do. You can play time trial to see just how quickly you manage to complete each level, but other than that, the replay value may be considered low once you’ve finished the game completely.

Super Dangerous Dungeons may be free-to-play, it may have ads, but they aren’t the intrusive type. You will only ever come across ads once you’ve died, or you’ve restarted your run, at which point the game will pause itself. It’s a very nice change to have a free-to-play game that doesn’t have an advert permanently on your screen, taking up about 20% of your screen.

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Overall, Super Dangerous Dungeons (Free) is a fun platformer, which doesn’t get frustrating, which is a surprise, considering the controls aren’t the most desired, due to the lack of physical buttons, but the controls are responsive enough that you can’t really complain. The art-style only adds to the charm of the game and helps it as a whole. Plus, those secret levels you look for to conquer the final level of the game, certainly helped my opinion of it as a whole, and when in comparison to many other free-to-play iOS and Android games, this one is certainly worth my recommendation.

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Super Dangerous Dungeons Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Controls work well, and the graphics look great, but the replay value isn’t so high after you’ve beaten the final level. All in all, though, Super Dangerous Dungeons is one free-to-play game I would easily recommend to anyone.


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