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Published on June 21st, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Symphony Review

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Symphony is a shoot-em-up developed by indie game developer Empty Clip Studios. This Android game was made available on the previous Humble Bundle.

Symphony provides a truly great time. It takes inspiration from classic arcade games but the hook is really about using your song library as the game’s various stages which generates an engaging and irresistible experience. The premise of the game, however, is a bit silly as your device has been hacked. A Trojan horse has affected your music collection and threatens to take over by trapping the spirits of the artists. Your goal is to flush them out of your gadget with the help of a customizable ship that is capable of blowing the virus and its little minions away.

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The gameplay of Symphony is very simple. Just drag on the screen to move your ship. There are no other buttons as the weapons are already mounted on your aircraft. Whenever you move, your ship simultaneously fires. What matters most is how you maneuver the aircraft, dodging the bullets and other elements thrown at you. Earn “inspiration” and collect power-ups that are dropped by the ships. Inspiration lets you repair your ship and its weapons during battle. Enemy ships appear depending on the analysis of your audio track. As you finish a song, you will be able to unlock new abilities and weapons. Also, as you progress, you will face bosses which will increase the game’s difficulty once you defeat them. Further, I would suggest eliminating all of the enemies (per wave) consecutively to collect a chain bonus for additional points.

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With regards to visuals, it might be likened to Geometry Wars, Guitar Hero and even AudioSurf. Your airship is situated in the middle, surrounded by a wall on each corner of the battlefield. That’s where other ships turn up depending on the beat of music of your song. Your opponents vary in kind, shape, size, and color. Some of your enemies are also equipped with shields, making them harder to destroy. When the song’s beat and rhythm starts to pick up, the display will turn red and will get chaotic as it will be filled with more airships to eliminate.

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If you do not have music in your phone or tablet, the game comes with default songs you can use. I played this game on my Nexus 4 and I rarely experienced any lag issues. Its visuals may be likened to a few games and Symphony could have stand out more if it has a unique visual design. Also, the gameplay can become monotonous on longer sessions.

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Nevertheless, Symphony is still a slick, vibrant, frenzied and enjoyable shooter. This Android game will bring back some nostalgia as it gets inspiration from the old-school arcade games of the past. If you missed on the prior Humble Bundle sale, you have to wait for its availability on Google Play.

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Symphony Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Symphony is a fun and addictive shooter with great controls. This Android game sticks out because it incorporates your personal music library in the level designs. Play it in quick sessions and you will not worry about its gameplay being monotonous.


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