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Published on January 11th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


World of Tanks Blitz Review

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Many of us are fascinated with World War II (WWII) and the tanks that were used in those battles. Up to this day, tanks have been a part of the human engineering goodness, but while you can’t see them in actually battles any more, there are numerous tank-based battle games that you can play online just like World of Tanks. Originally a multiplayer PC game, it allows us to engage the enemies in any way we want, however, the main problem here is that when you are on the go it can be hard to enjoy such an experience.

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This is why you should try to play World of Tanks Blitz, an Android game from Wargaming. This is the mobile counterpart of the aforementioned title, and even though it brings similar experiences to the PC version, the mobile version does come with a few additions of its own.

The system here is simple, you need to control the desired tank, which can be from one of the multiple countries, and then use it in order to defeat the enemy threat. Unlike the PC version however, you do not have to deal with the problems that come from paying your way in battles, instead this Android game brings a much more balanced experience, something that every player will surely enjoy.

World of Tanks Blitz limits the team size to 7 members, and you have 8 maps to choose from, an interesting thing if you take into consideration the fact that mobile phones have a lower processing power. Yes, the tank selection is a little limited and the tech trees presented here are smaller. You do get a single game mode, but in the end this is not all that matters, instead this Android game does a stellar job when it comes to the action itself.

The controls are easy to learn, and movement as well as attacking is done in a seamless manner, something that you will certainly enjoy in this game. Matchmaking is fast, and even if you have a slower web connection, you are bound to find a match quickly.

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Graphically, World of Tanks Blitz brings a similar appeal to the desktop counterpart, and this makes the battles intense. The level design is stunning, and everything in the game just feels like having a high-quality design. A major plus in this regard.

The soundtrack is impressive and the sound design on its own is designed with realism in mind. The tanks sound realistic and overall everything just makes you feel closer and closer to the real feeling that you would get during a war.

World of Tanks Blitz is a stellar recreation of the tank battles in WWII, and with numerous maps as well as a plethora of people playing it, you will always find a challenge here. This is a neat action game that we recommend everyone to play.

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World of Tanks Blitz Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: World of Tanks Blitz is a good Android game. The mobile version is actually a more than satisfying free-to-play title that requires you to have the ability more than how much you can spend on IAPs.


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