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Published on March 6th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


The Detail Review

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The Detail for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is an episodic adventure from Rival Games that is all about the details, pun intended. The Detail puts you in the shoes of a veteran Detective as he solves “just another murder” case. The game takes an interesting comic-noir art style and is more akin to an interactive graphic novel than a game. This interesting blend of comic graphics, point and click gameplay and unfolding narrative make for a unique experience that is quite riveting, despite occasional stumbles.

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From the get go you’ll notice that The Detail is cinematic, or more graphic storytelling, in nature. Episode 1 opens with our character “Reggie” as he comes upon yet another case in his long career. We are then put into the point of view of two policemen, a man and a woman, as they attempt to subdue a suspect who seems to be guilty of child molestation. “Mature themes for a mature audience” is the line developer Rival Games uses to describe moments like these. Almost immediately, you are presented with choices of how to go about the pursuit. You can pick a lock or kick in the door, left or right, block or evade. As the game is rather linear, it is unclear whether or not your decisions hold any gravity in the scheme of things, but just given a choice for these small but integral interactions is engaging.

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In the next segment our good friend Reg is playing “good cop” or “bad cop” depending on how you want to go about things. He then goes home, then on a date, and then back on the job after receiving a job from his partner. Stereotypically named, Reggie’s partner, Tyrone, is his bad-ass but kind African-American partner, and recurs throughout the game. Tyrone’s called Reggie up to investigate the murder of a local crime boss, which you do through a sort of “click and investigate” style of play, learning about things of interest to the player. The majority of the game is played through these two modes, interactive cinematic scenes or “click and investigate”. This is not an issue, but after multiple instances of both play styles it feels somewhat limiting.

The story, which is ultimately the largest part of a game like this, is entertaining enough. There are exciting events, plot twists, and logical character motives for most of The Detail. Where it stumbles it is often due to cheesy plot points or okay dialogue. Yes we know you’ve got a nice happy family, the bed-time story isn’t necessary. The dialogue, like I said before, is okay, but it’s just okay. Sometimes it’s hard to feel any genuine emotion or human quality to some of the dialogue, and much of it is stereotypical of the scenario.

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The Detail is a dark and mature jump into a point and click series, where your choices and style affect the outcome of events. The graphics are stylish, the story is the largest focus of the game and only sometimes the execution is sub-par. For $2.99, you’ll get the first episode and the succeeding episodes will be available later via in-app purchases. If you love noir style, comic books or cop dramas you should definitely check this out.

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The Detail Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

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Summary: The Detail is a mature crime adventure for iOS, iPhone and iPad. This game is an interesting take on the point-and-click genre. It may not be as challenging as you would have hoped but the story is more than enough to make you engaged.


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