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Published on May 22nd, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


The Walking Dead: Season One Review

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My brother is addicted to the Walking Dead TV series and I am sure he will be thrilled to know that a Walking Dead game is now available on Android. The Walking Dead: Season One is an Android game series broken down into five episodes. It also revolves around the universe created by Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic books starring Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. Telltale Games, an adventure game developer, has a gem in this series. Please note, however, that this is not your typical shoot ‘em up, zombie-killing game. It explores places that other games dare not to go.

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The Walking Dead tells the story of Lee Everett, the character you will control. He was supposed to be sent to prison, however, due to the zombies’ breakout, he was given a second chance in life. At first, the series opened with Lee having a normal conversation in a police car with an officer. Next thing you know, you are given an option to answer the cop. The game’s dialogue is definitely the highlight of this game. It makes you think on your feet as you need to answer some of the questions in seconds.

You may know Lee Everett’s background as early as the police car ride (though you have to select certain answers to do so). He was from Macon, same as the cop who is taking you behind bars, as well as his family. His dad, mom and brother had their hands full with their drugstore business in downtown Macon. He was also a professor at University of Georgia teaching history. Further, he was convicted of murder for taking the life of a senator who had an affair with his wife. The conversations are very engaging and well-written. I think this game would pick up more steam if they put in the characters from the show; however, the cast from the comic book is not a bad choice either.

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You will notice that there was something wrong in the surroundings as police cars and helicopters were going in the other direction. The cop talked too much and he did not seem to notice that a zombie was crossing the highway and then the car crashed. After the accident, Lee picked himself up even though his leg was wounded. He got the cop’s keys to unlock the cuffs on his wrist. Afterwards, he saw a figure above the fences which was later revealed as an orphaned girl named Clementine. Your goal is to survive, as you have promised the little girl, together with fellow survivors who you met along the way.

The Walking Dead: Season One features a mysterious yet touching series where your choices and actions can change the result of story around you. Your tale may be different to the other players, depending on your decisions within the game. The game lets users experience on their device the true terror of a zombie breakout. The graphics are pretty crisp as the artworks were inspired by the original comic books. It is also great that the details of the background and characters give a comic-book feel. Even though the animation is not perfect, the characters were very convincing especially in critical conditions.

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To fight the zombies, you just have to tap the dot on the screen which is normally placed on their head. Sometimes, you have to swipe in either direction to push the walker away. Occasionally, you may have to use a weapon to bash their brains. Your game experience adapts to the decisions you make. The consequences of your actions will be carried on each episode. Your decisions will influence how your story will play out in the series. You cannot be sleepy when playing The Walking Dead: Season One as you will be forced to think fast and make difficult decisions like who to save, who to shoot and who to side with (or against). I believe that will be the same case if this was real and with the undead smashing on your fences, doors or gates.

This game features a very interactive gameplay as it involves a lot of decision-making and problem-solving. Explore the world and fight for survival in the universe infested by zombies. It will make you consider fearing the living more so than the dead. I reviewed the game using the Nexus 4 and there was a rare occurrence that the game lagged. It did not kill the suspense or I was not killed by a zombie but it could be a serious issue for other gamers who have older Android smartphone or tablets.

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The bottom line is The Walking Dead: Season One is an excellent Android game. The first episode is free while the rest of the episodes (two to five, together with a special episode entitled “400 Days”) will cost you $4.99 each. Save some of your cash by buying all of the episodes for $15. It may seem pricey for several hours of gameplay but it is definitely fun to play.

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The Walking Dead: Season One Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: The Walking Dead: Season One is an outstanding adventure. This Android game offers an interactive gameplay which lets you decide your fate through the choices you make. Discover the world infested with zombies and fight for your own survival. It leaves us a thought to ponder: should we fear more the living or the dead? $4.99 per episode may be pricey but I would suggest getting all of the episodes for $15. It is worth every cent.


Worth Every Cent

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