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Published on July 12th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


Barnyard Escape Review

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Barnyard Escape from Trowroad Productions is an arcade game on Android which involves you fending off your wooden fence from a vast amount of barnyard animals. All of it hopes to escape the clutches off your farm so they can eat some nice, green, and freshly cut grass.

In terms of controls, this Android game is designed especially to have simplicity in mind.  What you will be doing is little more than tapping the very bottom of your screen when you want to drop an apple onto one of the farm animals down below. This will stop these mammals from destroying your fence and leaving.

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You can probably gauge that the whole gameplay in Barnyard Escape is that of an arcade-like title. Animals come in waves, with each successful hit adding to your total score; something you’re going to want to make as big as you possibly can. Keep playing until the animals finally overrun you and break down your fence and run out to freedom.

While the gameplay is incredibly basic and easy to get to grips with, it is quite a challenge. When I say the animals overrun you; they overrun you! Almost the exact second you hit the play now button, chickens will start coming at you, and for the first few games you’re completely not expecting it and you’ll find yourself taking a surprising amount of damage before you even start. Thankfully, after a fair few go’s, you’ll have an idea on what to expect, but even then you’re still bound to get caught off.

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Other than the main gameplay of tapping the bottom of the screen until you die, Barnyard Escape may have little more going for it in terms of gameplay. The lack of variety may put a damper on the title.

For the most part, you will be stuck listening to some country style background music, but it will be on a constant repeat throughout your entire play-time. Another issue with the audio is that you get subjected to a noise every time one of the animals goes head first into your fence; yet, despite whatever animal goes into it, they make pretty much the exact same noise, regardless of what they are.

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Visually, the game isn’t anything too special, but the whole aesthetic seems to do the job. Animals all have a strange square shape to them, but when it comes to the visuals, it seems just fine.

Overall, Barnyard Escape (free) is a simple game with easy to learn controls and gameplay. This Android game may have a couple of issues but the fast-paced gameplay will make you try it one wave after another.

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Barnyard Escape Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Barnyard Escape is clearly a game that is going for a kid-friendly, simple approach to everything within it, which I do appreciate. This Android game is easy to play with its controls and gameplay.



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