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Published on June 30th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


Catch it on Time Review

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Catch It On Time from PlayPlayFun is a game for iOS and Android where your reactions are the one and true way to gauge whether you’re going to win the level or not. It is technically considered an arcade puzzle game for a couple of reasons that I’ll get into a little bit later on in our review.

Gameplay and controls require you to do little more than to tap your screen whenever you feel is an opportune time to stop your character on a pre-set line. It is required for you to stop your character on the line, because to finish each level, you need to pick up every single collectible on the stage. The collectibles are brownies since it’s considered to be the character’s favorite food.

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It is incredibly simple to get the hang of it all, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone game is without any type of difficulty. Every single level you come across is a little different than the last, with some being just straight lines and others focusing more on a curved design. On certain stages, the speed can differentiate incredibly – with it either starting off incredibly fast, only to slow down along the way or maybe it might start off nice and slow, but as soon as you get near a collectible, you’ll start to speed up dramatically.

Catch It On Time does have a slight endless runner feature to it, because there are two game modes for you to choose from. There is the original mode, called “Puzzle Mode” where each and every level requires you to collect every brownie you come across, and the closer you get, the more points you acquire for yourself. However, if you tap the screen even once and fail to collect a brownie, the run will end and you’ll have to start all over again. The other game mode is “Infinite Run” where the entire level is infinite in front of your eyes, and depending on how long you manage to keep your character alive, the more you will end up seeing it.

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The infinite run mode is designed to be the endless runner segment of the iPad game and it isn’t quite as harsh as puzzle mode, because depending on what character you’re using, you can miss a few times before the run will end. Similar to puzzle mode, however, you’ll be competing for points, and the only way to get them is via collecting brownies throughout the run. Unfortunately for the player, though, your character will end up staying at the same break-neck speed throughout the entire run; so you need to get better with your reflexes if you want to be good at this game.

While it would be good if you were given the option to practice as much as you like, you’re not given that option. The developer implemented an energy system that may be considered poorly designed. With the starting character, you get 10 goes, regardless of how well you do and then you must wait for your energy to be replenished. Now, I don’t have a problem with energy systems, but this one is poorly done. Instead of having two separate energy systems for puzzle and infinite run mode; they are shared instead. So, if you’d rather enjoy the infinite mode, rather than the puzzle one, then you best hope you haven’t been wasting your energy on the other game mode, as you will then be required to wait for it to replenish.

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I think the optimal way to do the energy system is by having the puzzle mode with its own energy system, and the infinite run mode would be without one. Endless runners of all shapes and sizes incredibly rarely have an energy system, for a good reason.

From a visual standpoint, Catch It On Time is well done. Throughout the entirety of the Android game, there are a vast number of fluid and good looking animations – in either the menus or the gameplay itself. There isn’t too much when it comes to colors but I feel it suits the game as a whole and it doesn’t take away from the overall style that the developer has gone for.

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Overall, Catch It On Time (Free) may have a poorly implemented energy system that ends up restricting the play at times, but every other element of the game is that of a solid mobile game. Animations are fluid and the visuals in a nutshell look nice and do the game more than justice. I would make a recommendation for this arcade game.

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Catch it on Time Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: The energy system may be Catch It On Time’s flaw, but when you take into consideration almost everything else, plus, the addictive nature of it all, it definitely warrants a recommendation. No questions asked.


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