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Published on May 21st, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


FlyBo Review

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While some mobile games allow you to test your logical thinking, there are also numerous titles, such as FlyBo, that enable you to test your dexterity in ways you could not imagine.

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One of the things that I liked about FlyBo right from the start is its interesting visual perspective. Instead of going for the normal isometric gameplay, FlyBo focuses on bringing in a faux 3D perspective that works seamlessly.

The gameplay on its own is simple and easy to understand, you just need to tap the screen in order to make the ball go up, and you can leave it on the gravity to let the ball go down.

You need to collect crystals in order to level up and, just like in the other games created by Xllusion, you get yellow, green and blue crystals, all of which allow you to decrease/increase speed, as well as gain invincibility for a certain period of time.

In many ways, FlyBo literally makes you feel like you are inside a large and long cavern. It’s a little tricky in the beginning, because there are no instructions, but once you start tapping you will figure it out. Upgrade the ball and get even better results, with the objective of getting as far as you possibly can.

The ads included in the game are not that obtrusive, so the gameplay experience is not hampered by advertisements. Sure, you can pay an in-app purchase to remove them but other than that you will not have any issues.

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FlyBo is all about testing your reaction times, and while it is a simple game, it’s challenging. Even in the beginning, the game is already hard but the difficulty increases as you get larger and more uneven spikes. For me, it was a pleasure to always try and get further than my initial result. I was happy with my performance but each time I managed to get better and better. The game can be difficult at first, sure, but once you get accustomed with the difficulty then you will get one step closer to favorable results.

The game offers a nice set of graphics, and the 3D perspective really works in my opinion. Yes, the gameplay could be streamlined with even more challenges but rest assured that the ones present in the game are already quite demanding and fun to go through. Also, I have to note the fact that each game experience is different, because the levels are randomized, so it’s a ton of fun to discover every challenge.

In summary, I found FlyBo to be an interesting and relaxing experience which provides loads of enjoyment. It’s easy to play, hard to master, and it offers all the content you might expect from such a game. If you need a good time waster, then I recommend to give FlyBo a shot.

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FlyBo Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: FlyBo is an arcade game for iOS and Android from Xllusion that offers plenty of fun. It is easy to play yet hard to master. Give this game a shot if you are looking for a good time waster.


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