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Published on December 10th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Gold Miner Rescue Review

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Gold Miner Rescue is a funny little game from Kurius Games (developer of Tractor Crew and Traktor Digger) that has a simple premise: A gold miner is stuck underground and needs your assistance, a similar concept from a recently watched movie, The 33. Your goal is to help the miner locate the gold and dig a path back to the surface above ground as fast as possible.

The game is designed with a straightforward idea in mind, and that is to offer gamers plenty of mechanics to play with. You can feel free to dig the hole as you see fit but do remember that the miner will have a hard time reaching the surface unless you use a clever method of creating tunnels and guiding the mine towards his home.

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Gold Miner Rescue manages to bring in front simple gameplay mechanics. It is fun and something that anyone can get into immediately. As for the controls, it is pretty straightforward. Players will not get confused as to how to play. Also, the title is not only rewarding, but it’s filled with tons of clever puzzles and all of them are designed to bring you great opportunities all around.

There’s a lot of things you can get done with Gold Miner Rescue and that on its own is exciting. The ability to explore the world and craft your own tunnel system is wonderful, but the true uniqueness of the experience comes from carefully shifting from viewing to digging and guiding the miner.

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This is a tricky thing to do but I found it to be quite rewarding to be honest, in an interesting manner. Moreover, with some help from the tutorials which are excellent, you can immediately get the hang of this game and figure out what you have to do.

In the later levels, TNT and ladders will freshen up the gameplay a bit as you will have to think of some interesting strategies to finish the stage. Over time, the difficulty will get increasingly challenging. Stick with the game and you will be satisfied.

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Gold Miner Rescue is not only a challenging title but it also manages to offer a great outcome all the time. What immerses me into the entire experience is that way each player can play the game his/her way. There are no two levels that are the same in this title because every player is free to do whatever he sees fit. It’s this uniqueness that offered me so many opportunities to play the levels multiple times, all while trying to figure out new solutions and ideas.

I am impressed with the stuff that this development team achieved and I look forward to see what they can come up with next.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to update the game in the future with some new levels and improve the basic graphics. A little variety in the gameplay wouldn’t hurt either.

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If you prefer to play without advertisements, you should check out the pro version (ad-free) of the game. Simply search the Play Store or App Store with Gold Miner Rescue Pro.

Gold Miner Rescue (Free) offers an exciting game you should give a shot as it’s both nice and exciting to play. If you love classic game like Lemmings, or Construction City or Tractor Crew, I’m sure you’ll like this arcade game. The tutorials are excellent, so once you start playing you will immediately know what and how you need to do.  Do yourself a favor and try this title, it is filled with potential, although, it’s currently more suited for young and casual gamers.

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Gold Miner Rescue Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Overall, Gold Miner Rescue is a simple game that is easy to get into. Spend some time with the game and you’ll find it quite challenging. Although there is still room for improvement, this arcade game is easy and fun to play for the family, young ones and casual players alike.


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