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Published on April 10th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Lastronaut Review

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Lastronaut is a mobile game for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) bred in the ‘80s that serves as a testament to the gaming industry. Darrin Henein & Stephan Leroux developed this game with labor of love as it is completely free. It is a stylish endless runner and side-scroller, devoid of all free-to-play drawbacks like advertisements or micro-transactions.

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Lastronaut is like a good idea a few decades back when the Terminator was a massive fear of the public. The iPhone game is set shortly after humans developed the first true artificial intelligence in 2015 and, as you can guess, things didn’t go well. After losing time and again, the humans of Earth decide it would be easier to start over, on a new planet, and say goodbye to Earth. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that there has to be that single last person yet to get on the ship. This is the Lastronaut.

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After a beautifully rendered pixel intro, complete with retro music and sound bytes, I stepped into the panicking shoes of the Lastronaut. This iPad game is essentially a 2D side-scroller / endless runner. Every round I began with a random weapon which I had to use to destroy attacking robots and their weapons. Each weapon was varied and fun to use, ranging from short-range flame throwers to all powerful auto-lasers. There are no objectively better weapons, they do not run out of ammo, every one of it is unique and whether or not I grabbed a new one was up to preference. New weapons are delivered in the form of parachuting care packages, which I could choose to avoid. This allows the focus to be on survival rather than on constant upgrading, which is necessary.

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Surviving in this game is hard. Often, I found myself making it less than 50 meters as I attempted to make it past flames, mines and rockets simultaneously. When I do manage to avoid my imminent death, it is immensely satisfying. This is amplified by the game’s frequent use of slow-motion effects, perfectly matching up with the bad-ass feeling I felt when I destroyed a hovering bomb-bot that was terrorizing me, and with the pain I felt when falling to my death.

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Every feature in Lastronaut is refined and enjoyable. While the game could do with more content, it still provides hours of gameplay. Get ready to use a ton of weapons, enjoy stunning hand-crafted visuals, beautiful animation and original soundtrack, chaotic action, loads of achievements, leader boards, and social network integration. It’s a great and completely free little package without any annoyances of the modern gaming industry.

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Lastronaut Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Lastronaut is a good endless runner with striking visuals and responsive controls. This side-scroller game for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) is fast-paced and enjoyable. Don't let its simplicity fool you. Yes, it may lack some variety and content but it still stands out from the other runners. It is a free title that is worth downloading on your device - now!


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