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Published on April 13th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Mr Jump Review

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Mr Jump is a small game with a big heart, and even bigger jumps. From 1Button SARL comes the undeniably simple, and yet incredibly frustrating, Mr Jump. This iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) game puts the players in the hands of a blocky man as he jumps across different environments, attempting to reach an end point. Beside a couple of advertisements, everything this iPhone game has, from its art direction to the gameplay, is flawless.

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Mr Jump is similar to just about every endless running game out there, except that each stage has an end, and each stage is very different from one another. As you progress, you’ll encounter more difficult gaps, spikes and various obstacles to overcome. As you play, they may seem easy to avoid at first, and in fact they are, but avoiding every single one, and keeping your wits for the full minute and a half that a stage takes, is quite the challenge.

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The first stage featured simply jumping, running and avoiding obstacles. Even with just the base controls and ideas, it took me over 30 tries to beat the first stage. The second stage, which was on a beautiful forest map, seemed much easier at first. This stage introduced an in-game item that you had to pick up, which would grant another jump mind-air. This added another obstacle, timing and aiming. When jumping off of a platform in stage 2, I had to anticipate where I would fall as I had to dive into an add-jump item, and often there were times when I had to string together many. Even in the second stage, the iPad game was becoming pleasantly varied. Some 40 attempts later I finished stage 2, and moved onto stage 3. Stage 3 included a new similar item that added the ability to jump infinitely. This made this level feel somewhat like Flappy Bird, until I was cleverly forced to the ground, where I could only jump as I had previously.

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For sure, there’s a lot in store in the next levels. All I know is that there is one other object in the game. This object disables force fields which sounds like yet another interesting layer to this simple yet complex adventure.

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As I mentioned before, Mr Jump is pleasant in just about every way. The simple graphics and pleasant music make the frustrating journey through a level bearable. That said, the iPhone game could do without the obtrusive ads after each attempt. There is the ability to purchase the levels without beating the previous levels, but I find no fault to this system, it allows players to opt out of trying without forcing players to spend. Overall though, Mr Jump is simple, fun, challenging and addicting, with its only drawback being the obtrusive ads that appear.

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Mr Jump Review Patrick Garde

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Summary: Mr Jump is a frustratingly challenging platformer from 1Button SARL. Yes, it is tough, but you'll like it for the same reason. A grinding game that makes you want to reach the end. Jump into the frenzy by downloading this on the App Store today.


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