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Published on September 6th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Loot & Legends Review

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Loot & Legends, previously known as Card Hunter, is an iPad exclusive card hunter game. It is an iPad game about cards, dice and board games and honestly it’s a damn good time.

Taking from pretty much every tabletop game and player in existence, it’s clear that Loot & Legends is a labor of love. This title from DropForge Games stand outs because of its ability to be played enjoyable without the need for in-app purchases (although they are available), its style and its impressive gameplay.

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Loot & Legends has the player follow along a quest set by a game master which is quite similar to a dungeon master. Everything you do in Loot & Legends is controlled by your card deck. These cards represent attacks, magic spells and movement. These cards control the three (3) members of your party who all have their own strengths and weaknesses. The cards that you earn are controlled by the weapons and armors you have equipped. Everything is connected to everything in a tactical, fun and fair way.

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Combat is surprisingly challenging and requires a lot of the player, in a good way. In order to be successful you will have to use battle landscapes to your advantage and learn what both your and your enemy’s cards do. Aside from the interesting, rewarding and increasingly difficult story mode is the arena mode. If you put some time and effort into the Arena side of things you could get some incredible rewards.

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Graphically, Loot & Legends is just plain fun. Everything looks homemade, as if it was made out of cardboard and plastic cut-outs, and the animations match. Everything about this title is polished, professional and thought out.

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Unfortunately, I, and a few others, have run into a limited amount of technical issues with this title. Now, it is nothing seriously enough to detract from the overall experience, but crashes and a required internet connection can get rather annoying.

Loot & Legends is a tabletop gamer’s dream. Everything about this iPad game, from its omnipotent game master to its homemade look and feel, screams fun. The tabletop experience has been converted into a mobile experience and is handled extremely well.

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Loot & Legends Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Loot & Legends for iPad fits perfectly for the tablet. If you love tabletop role-playing games, this title will give your brain something to work on. It is not perfect but I think it is a well thought out and streamlined version of Card Hunter.


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