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Published on October 21st, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Land Sliders Review

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Have you ever found yourself randomly swiping or sliding your finger across your screen, for no reason whatsoever, other than the fact you’re just bored, or because you can? Well! Land Sliders might just be for you, as the developer Prettygreat decided to do what they could, to turn that into an iPhone game itself.

Gameplay in Land Sliders consists of pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, as you will literally be sliding all over the place. Your job as the player will be to swipe at the screen, which in turn will allow your character to move around the screen. While you get swiping, you’ll be on the lookout for a few different items around the level: collectibles, coins, and level exits to name a few.

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Collectibles will constitute for your high score, as you will be treated to your score of just how many of these you’ve collected throughout the level. You’re not forced to collect every single collectible, hell, you’re not even asked to collect a single one, but then you won’t be getting any score to speak of to get your name on that leaderboard. Neither will you gain the level bonus for collecting every single one on an entire level. Gold can be used to purchase new characters for you to get out and slide with! Exit is obviously the end of the level, and is going to be the area you want to reach the most.

Characters in Land Sliders are purely visual, but they will change something rather big, and that’s what collectibles you’ll be collecting. The first character you’ll have access to will be going around collecting maps, but after some time in the game you’ll get yourself a bit of gold, and you’re going to want to spend that gold. Once you’ve made the decision to spend it, you will be treated to a lovely new character, be it a penguin, a vampire, or even one of the main characters from Costume Quest. There are over 50 characters in Land Sliders and each and every single one of them has a different collectible for you to collect. The starting character may collect maps, but the penguin collects bowties instead.

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I personally really like the different collectibles for each and every character, as it revitalizes the iPad game a little bit with each new character you’ve managed to unlock. If you feel a character ever getting a little stale with their collectibles, then feel free to change it up to make things feel a little more new and interesting.

There is little to talk about when it comes to the overall control side of things in Land Sliders, as it can be boiled down to swipe, and don’t swipe. It won’t take you any longer than a few seconds to have the controls under wraps, for the most part. Although the controls may be incredibly easy to get to grips with, being able to play with them flawlessly is another matter. There’s going to come a time where you’re going to panic and it’s more than likely going to be the death of you, certainly so if you accidentally mistake which way to swipe and throw yourself off a cliff.

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Now, it would all be well and good if you could take your time, and be nice and cautious about each level, but quite frankly that isn’t exactly a luxury you have access to. There isn’t a timer, but you do have the problem of other characters in the form of enemies getting in your way and proceeding to ruin your run. Enemies tend to all do something different from each other, as you can come across a kangaroo who’s hopping around on a pogo-stick, or a bear that you’ve just awoken from hibernation, who now wants to kill you for disturbing his slumber. Oh, and of course the turtle that has replaced his shell for a cactus, because why not? However, as cute as all these characters may be, all of them will not hesitate to murder you if you touch them at any point, which will instantly end your run.

As far as free-to-play games go, Land Sliders does it right. There are no energy-systems that prevent you from playing whenever you want, nor is there any real need to purchase in-app purchases. Although you do have the option to purchase a character you like specifically from the App Store, it’s not needed even in the slightest, as every character in the game you can unlock just by purchasing a random character. It is random, but you will get the character without paying a single penny for them.

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Overall, Land Sliders is a fun, quick, casual arcade experience that anyone who owns an iOS device should have, or has at least played and given the iPhone game a chance. Its fast-paced, arcade-like action gameplay makes for an enjoyable experience that you can’t help but appreciate how speedy it all is. There’s not really any moment in the day where you can’t just load the game up on your phone, and have a nice couple of rounds to try and beat your high score. If failing that, at the very least you’ll earn a bit of extra cash to purchase a new character when you get the chance. Control-wise, it won’t take you more than a few seconds to have the gist of it down. Visually, the iPad game looks great, as do the environments, enemies, as well as the characters you have the option to play as.

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Land Sliders Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: It’s hard to say anything other than the fact Land Sliders is just a straight up, good casual game for iPhone and iPad, that’s very difficult to not recommend to almost anyone. Not all of your runs may last for too long, but the enjoyable nature of the game sure does.


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