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Published on June 25th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


Magnet Balls Free Review

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Magnet Balls Free from Vitaliy Gorlov of Crazy Owl Games is the free-to-play version of the original Magnet Balls game for iOS and Android; with the only real difference between them is the addition of some ads.

If you’re wondering what type of game you would be getting from Magnet Balls Free, you’ll effectively be receiving the exact sort of game that you would find from Bubble Pop; minus the cute, little dinosaur. Oh, and with a different aesthetic and mechanic.

Gameplay is what you would expect from a title such as this. All you have to do is tap on the screen where you want to shoot one of your magnetic balls, and if you create a link of 3 or more, they will proceed to explode outward. What’s a nice addition to this iPhone game is the whole magnet mechanic that the developer has included in their title.

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What this mechanic does is whenever a magnetic ball or a group of them gets a little too close to another set of magnetic balls, the smaller group will attach to the larger group, pulling them in to one another to get and stick. What this means for you as the player, is that whenever you match a group of magnetic balls of the same colour and they explode, some of the balls around them could dislodge from some of the other balls and swing to the other side. Because of this, it could produce a chain reaction of magnetic balls; with one after the other exploding, creating a combo, and giving you even more points at the end of it all.

As enjoyable as Bubble Pop and other iPad games of this nature are, the addition of the whole magnetic mechanic is a great supplement to this type of puzzle game, and is one that makes repeat plays a lot more likely.

While the gameplay is a strong feature of the Android game, the look of it, however, isn’t quite to the same high standards. You see, the game from an aesthetic standpoint is fairly lacking, overall. The main feature of the magnetic balls doesn’t have very interesting colors or designs to them, especially when you take into account that there are two versions of grey in this game: light and dark. On top of all this, the background is also one static color.

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While the aesthetics may be a bit lacking, at least the animations that the game has isn’t disappointing. It doesn’t matter whether you get the simple 3-ball connection or a giant combo that leaves the entire screen filled with explosions, as any and all exploding animations within Magnet Balls Free is one that I welcome whenever I’m playing.

In a game like this, one that is rooted within the arcade reaches, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the entire goal for the game is to get the highest score before the game is over. The game finishes every time you fire a ball at the clump of magnetic balls, the clump will slump down just a little bit. If that clump ever reaches the bottom and touches the ball you were just about to fire, then it is game over for you, and you will have to start again. Thankfully, the game makes sure to remember your highest score, so the next time you start up a round of this iOS game while at work or at home, you’ll know just how well you’re going to have to play to beat that high score of yours.

If you feel yourself getting too good at this game, however, you can play with an added bit of challenge that you can implement yourself, without any need for the game to add anything new or extra. To make that added challenge a reality, you can force yourself to shoot at the wall every time you can and use your knowledge of geometry to your advantage and have a bit of extra challenge and enjoyment. It won’t be easy, but bouncing those magnetic balls at an angle really can make the game a little more enjoyable.

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Overall, Magnet Balls Free is an enjoyable title, but it does lack at least some longevity. After a while, you’re basically playing until you get bored or die, and if you get so good, then the likelihood of the former occurring becomes more likely. In addition to this, the aesthetics of the game isn’t bright or colorful; something that I would definitely consider suggesting to the developer in the future update. However, what makes up for some of these shortcomings is the fun magnet mechanic and the enjoyable animations that you’re met with whenever you connect, making for a title that I have to recommend, at the very least for you to try.

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Magnet Balls Free Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: For the most part, Magnet Balls Free is an enjoyable title, with an interesting mechanic and some nice animations, but is let down in some areas by its lackluster colors, but not enough to discourage anyone from trying the game for themselves.


Ball Magnet!

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