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Published on July 16th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


Pegs ‘n Holes Review

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Pegs ‘n Holes from Jordan Naftolin is not a game revolving around golf but it is a puzzle game. It is deceptively simple yet quite enjoyable all at the same time for your iOS and Android devices.

If you look at Pegs ‘n Holes, you can consider it like a more colorful version of Sudoku. The reason is because one wrong move can end up messing the puzzle up. So, you’ll have to use your brain power to have an idea on what move you should make next.

Pegs n Holes Game Review Screenshot for iPhone, iPad, Android

To make your life as easy as possible, the developer has implemented a simple one touch controls. The minute you touch one of the colored pegs, they will quickly slot into place. On top of that, only pegs that can actually fit into one of the corresponding colored holes will be highlighted.

Your goal in this iPhone game is to make sure every single peg gets inside one of the holes. Depending on how fast you end up doing it, your high score will increase. You can’t mindlessly tap away at all the pegs, hoping that it will work, because it won’t. After a short while, you’ll notice that you can’t make any new moves or even finish the puzzle, so from there you’re either going to need to undo your last move or completely restart the puzzle to correct any mistakes.

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What’s nice about the undo feature is that as soon as you realize that you’ve made a mistake, you don’t have to curse at the wind because you didn’t see the correct move in the first place. Even using the undo button doesn’t incur a penalty to you as the player. So, the iPad game has been designed to appeal to the more casual players.

After you play at least 30 games, you can attempt to play the competition mode. It is a game mode which is exclusively online and allows for players to go head-to-head on a 7 X 7 grid. Whoever wins first gets an increased ranking on the global leaderboard.

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Visually, the Android game isn’t anything too spectacular, but I feel it adds to the whole simplistic approach the developer has been going for. It’s colorful and easy to see what you need to do. It also allows for anyone of any age to give the game a go without too much trouble being involved.

Audio has the same sort of approach, except it doesn’t have any background music. There is an audio cue when you reset or tap on a peg; quite a nice noise at that, but without the inclusion of background music it kind of limits the reasoning to keep your phone off silent.

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There are a number of board sizes, from 4 X 4, all the way up to 9 X 9 – a board that makes sure to seriously mess you around if you’re not being careful. Each board is randomly generated and has a guaranteed solution for each and every one.

Overall, Pegs ‘n Holes (free) only downfall is the lack of players when it comes to the online and the no background soundtrack to keep you a little more engaged. However, when you realize just how simple, colorful and enjoyable the game is as a whole, you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. It is one puzzle game to keep on your tablet or mobile device. You can spend 5 minutes on this game and easily find yourself getting hooked. It’s an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Pegs ‘n Holes Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: There may be a couple of instances that drag down Pegs ‘n Holes just a little bit. However, when you compare the overall package that you get from this game, it’s kind of difficult to complain. It is an easy to play and fun puzzle game that you should add to your library.


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