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Published on November 16th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Super Sharp Review

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Super Sharp is a puzzle game for iOS (iPhone, iPad) that lets you focus on cutting the living hell out of the shapes that are presented to you on the screen. 1Button is the developer behind this cutting puzzler, one that may start off with simple to learn controls, but you’ll soon learn that it’s not quite as easy as you first imagined.

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Your task as the player is to swipe your finger across the screen which will proceed to cut any objects that your finger has grazed. Soon after the shape has been sliced, the piece will be granted the use of gravity and physics, and will proceed to drop, bounce, swing, or whatever else that newly separated piece wants to do. Your job is nothing more than to do the cutting, but expect it to be done to a near-surgical level if you want get through each and every level in the par amount of cuts.

Graphically, the iPad game has toted quite a simplistic and minimalistic art-style that does its best to please the player, and yet not distract all too much when playing the game itself. Although it wouldn’t matter all so much, because once you’ve made that initial cut, distractions don’t really become an issue, so a more striking art-style might be welcomed. But that doesn’t mean the current look is a bad one, or an unwanted one at all, as it’s a style that works for the game, and it works well.

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Objectives in game will have you slicing the shapes in such a way, so that they fall onto a small, floating cube that corresponds with whatever colours are on that specific level. On some levels you’ll have just one, whereas on others you might have three. If you’ve got a white, blue, and green cube, then the white piece has to touch the white cube, the blue piece needs to touch the blue cube, and so on and so forth until every single one has been touched by their colour. However, the iPhone game does like to throw a curveball your way every so often and task you to get a piece onto a black cube, which at first you might not think it so bad, until you realize that you can’t actually cut black shapes. To get around it, you’ll have to use your puzzling brain to try and maneuver the shape to the goal, without actually having to lay a single finger upon it. This little change in gameplay is a nice way to do things differently to a degree, without changing the core gameplay at all.

Now, it may all sound simple but a puzzle game wouldn’t be much of a puzzle if it wasn’t very challenging. Thankfully, in Super Sharp’s case, you won’t have to worry, as I’ve found myself getting stuck a fair few times trying to get through these levels, and that’s not even taking into the par amount of cuts, as even over-par, I’m still having a pretty tough time with the iPad game. It’s safe to say that at times you could be left scratching your head for a little bit, trying to figure out what in the world you have to do on that level, but eventually it will come to you, and you might just be kicking yourself for not getting it sooner. Super Sharp provides a fair amount of challenge, fairly quickly, so don’t expect every level to be even easier than the last, because that is pretty far from truth.

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Replay-value can’t be considered the highest trait in this game since once you’ve managed to beat a level, you’re probably going to know how to beat it from then on, at least somewhat consistently. Unless you don’t actually have the par for the level yet, then there is little to no real reason why you should replay levels whatsoever.

One problem with Super Sharp is one that a lot of puzzle games are going to have, and that’s how easy it is to cheat. It will take no time at all for you to look up a guide, one that will show you exactly where, when and how to cut on each level to perfect it. Being told how to beat a game ruins the fun to a degree, so I would recommend staying away from any guides. Use a guide throughout the whole game, though, and you’ll find your interest in the game dwindle dramatically, so try to avoid it to gain the maximum amount of enjoyment from the game.

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Overall, Super Sharp is a fun puzzler that features a simplistic/minimalistic art-style that keeps things straightforward, yet lovely on the eyes. Gameplay is simple and won’t take you very long to get the hang of it, but that doesn’t mean each and every level won’t come with their own tricks and challenges. As the deeper you get into the game, the more you are to discover that there are some little changes on the gameplay. Avoid guides as best you can, and you’ll have a fun puzzler that you’ll want to go back to regularly, just to see if those extra 5 minutes with it are going to give you the solution to the level you’ve been stuck on for goodness how long.

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Super Sharp Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Super Sharp is an inexpensive, fun, yet challenging puzzle game that is more than worth both your time and money. Its replay value may not be the highest due to the fact that once you’ve beaten a level, the challenge won’t exist for it anymore, but that doesn’t stop just how enjoyable the iPhone and iPad game actually is. This makes it an easy recommendation for puzzle game fans.


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