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Published on September 25th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Bike Extreme Free Review

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Bike Extreme Free is a racing game from It is a completely free game without any payments required from players. Just like other GameTop games, this is a full-version and not a trial. Go through progressively challenging levels in this Android game, and with straight-forward controls, it could feed your need for speed, without spending a single dime.

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Bike Extreme Free is simple with its approach. It only has 9 levels and you will be graded up to 3 stars at the end of each run. The star rating will be based on the amount of coins you collect while pushing the pedal to the metal. Jump, fly or simply cruise.

Be patient when guiding the adventurous driver over various obstacles. Make sure to have the right balance and speed to finish the stages as fast as possible without any troubles.

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Its gameplay is simple as well. Just control the rider with the help of buttons on the side of the screen. Drive forward or reverse, lean to the front or to the back, turn around to change direction, all with a simple tap or hold.

In the beginning, the levels may start off as easy but once you advance and get to know the controls, the difficulty increases. At first, it may be unexciting but as soon as you spend more time with the game, you will have more fun as you face challenging obstacles.

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At the top of the screen, you can check how many coins you have gathered. The higher the amount of coins you collect, you will get a higher rating. Just like Angry Birds, you may try to repeat the levels to get all three stars.

For a free game, the visuals and soundtrack are decent enough. At times, the controls may be fickle as you can’t help but crash to the ground. If you don’t like the music or sound effects, you can easily turn it off in the options/settings menu.

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The idea of a bike racing game isn’t fresh and although Bike Extreme Free is barely ground-breaking, it can still provide enjoyment and entertainment. Personally, I would have wanted better physics when it comes to crashes. Currently, the biker simply stays on the motorcycle even though he smashed head on to the ground. Lastly, the “more free games” banner on the bottom of the screen may annoy some.

Are you fond of Motocross or bike in general? Try out Bike Extreme Free and you will likely play it again and again. The different obstacles make the levels fun. This Android game may have its flaws but it is interesting enough to push you to finish all the levels. Also, it has replay value as you could try to challenge yourself and get 3 stars in every stage. If you are bored, you could simply pick up your Android device and open up this game during a long queue, morning commute, waiting for someone, or for a young kid who’s about to throw a tantrum. Although it may be common to find this type of game in the Play Store, you can’t go wrong with a simple title.

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Bike Extreme Free Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Bike Extreme Free is a decent game to try. It is easy to pick up and play for young players and veteran gamers as well. Although there are only nine levels to play through, the stages and obstacles are unique to give you enough challenge. The game is free so there’s really no harm in trying.


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