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Published on April 17th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Fast & Furious: Legacy Review

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Fast & Furious: Legacy is a beautiful game for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android from Kabam that’s based on the popular movie franchise, The Fast and the Furious. Just like the other free-to-play racing games, it is divided into different segments which might test your patience. Nevertheless, this movie tie-in video game is decent enough to play.

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In Fast & Furious: Legacy, I began as a “driver” in Tokyo, and I was being chased by a couple of relentless police officer. Sadly, I wasn’t actually driving. In the first of the four game modes, Street Race, you simply move your vehicle by swiping left and right to avoid obstacles like police cars and road blocks, and this iPhone game is more akin to an endless runner than a racing game. Soon after this, I was introduced to the car purchasing system, known as the “Grey Market.” Nothing stands out with the store, but it works, and although you can purchase in-game currency with real money, it is not abused and spending money is not required. You can also upgrade vehicles to slightly extend their lifetime, but I found that vehicles went out of style pretty quickly. Upgrades can take real time, which can be a drag, but it wasn’t a major inconvenience.

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After playing this iPad game for quite some time, I was introduced to the second of four game modes, Drag Race, in which I was tasked with getting a good launch, and then shifting gears at optimal times in order to beat an opponent. This was simple, easy and quick….perhaps too easy. Then, later, I found myself in a fourth style of racing, known as Drifting Races, where my vehicle sped around turns and bends and I was tasked with drifting (or sliding) my vehicle as smoothly as I could to save time. This is probably the most problematic of the four modes, as I often found the controls unresponsive, and I rarely saw any time saved or gained from perfecting or wrecking my turns. The fourth game mode, Takedown, was probably the most fun of all. Essentially, the only goal is to trade paint with the other car, either you squash them on the side or slam your car into your rival’s behind, until you can run it off course. It’s chaotic, high speed and awesome.

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The location references of this Android game to the movie series are subtle, but appreciated. The same cannot be said, however, about the character references. Characters like Letty, Sean and Roman appear, and exchange excruciating dialogue and cheesy one-liners.

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Fast & Furious: Legacy may not fully live up to its name. Aside from some flashy visuals, number of game modes, cars, and races, you may not like its presentation and it is not a real driving game. Nonetheless, it is fun while it lasts.

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Fast & Furious: Legacy Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Fast & Furious: Legacy is a well-polished game from Kabam. Fans of the series will be happy to play this somewhat racing game. It is not your average drag racer as there are several game modes. However, adrenaline rush only awaits the patient gamers.


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