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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Flashout 2 Review

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The crown for futuristic racing games is up for grabs and Jujubee Games Studio is looking to get involved in the mix with their new Android game, Flashout 2, a sequel to the original Flashout 3D which was inspired by Wipeout.

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With touch-based racing games, controls have become a stumbling block for developers. Luckily, Jujubee provides six various control schemes with adjustable sensitivity setting. Taking a perfect turn, however, may still annoy some especially on a tight curve. Tilt controls and virtual buttons both have its own pros and cons, and it may come down to preference in the end. If you are looking for a system that is more accurate to control, then I’d suggest going with the virtual buttons.

Futuristic racers are not easy to control. The vehicles are not your typical cars as they run on tracks with blazing speed. Plus, even on easy difficulty, even a minor mistake could cost you the race. In the beginning, you can get your feet wet with the handy tutorial. Also, you’ll start out with an automobile that has average speed, acceleration, steering and energy. Don’t worry, you can play through various game modes like career, single race, multiplayer, and time trial to accumulate enough coins (in-game currency) to upgrade. Earn them each time you win a race or just pick them up off the track.  Of course, if you do not want to grind it out, you can purchase more coins via in-app purchase (IAP).

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Did I mention that this is a fast racer? You’ll get an adrenaline rush each time you race in the game’s tracks. The combination of speed boosts, ramps, and dangerous turns makes this challenging.

You can either play solo or via online multiplayer. At the start, your opponents zoom past you but with the help of power-ups and weapons, the race may come down to the wire. Three of the ten tracks are accessible immediately while seven of them can be unlocked by finishing career mode. The unlocked tracks may feel similar even though they are spread out worldwide (Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Moscow). Well, the grinding out process doesn’t help as you need to play again a lot of races just to earn enough coins to upgrade your vehicle. In multiplayer mode, you can race against ghost or live players. I did not experience any lag and I connected in the server in less than a minute. Racing against human players is as real as it gets when it comes to the thrill that it offers.

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Despite the existence of IAP, Flashout 2 handles it pretty well. Before every race, you can buy shield to boost your armor, upgrade your speed and/or increase the damage of your weapons. If you decide to keep the money in the bank, you better pray as your rivals may take advantage of your weak armor or toned-down speed. If ever you spend your hard earned currency, it might flush down the drain as you cannot carry over the weapons for the next race. I think the developer has strike a fair enough balance with its game economy. They encourage you to save the coins you earn and make the most of the substantial money and ammunition supplies spread out in the tracks. Personally, I would suggest saving to buy the next hovercraft.

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Flashout 2 is a good enough Android game that has a solid gameplay. Its graphics are wonderful, controls are refined with several schemes that will suit your preference, and there’s plenty of content to delve into. It currently has a price tag of $1.99 and I’ll recommend it to fans of futuristic racing games. If you want to talk more about the game, you can comment below or head over to our forums.

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Flashout 2 Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Flashout 2 is a solid racer. Its graphics is pretty and the multiplayer game mode will keep you on your heels. For $1.99, I'll recommend this Android game to fans of the futuristic racing genre.


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