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Published on June 7th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Trials Frontier Review

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Recently, Ubisoft and RedLynx have released Trials Frontier in the Play Store. This Android game will get players to question the laws of physical science. If you have not played one of the Trials series of games, then you should put on your accessories and head on to the tracks. Before you head out the door, make sure to grab some patience as this is one challenging game.

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In Trials Frontier, you control a youthful dirt bike rider who was knocked out by a boulder after going around several tracks. Fortunately, a town around the corner has taken you in their custody and has vowed to bring you back to your former self. Sadly, your motorbike was destroyed. You were left with no choice but to rely on an old-school motorcycle named Armadillo.

Set in a Wild West location, you will get to know the people in the town. Their purpose is to give you missions to complete. Finish the task at hand and you will earn in-game currencies which you can use to upgrade your bike. Simply talk to the various characters to progress. One kid will hand you items in exchange for backflips while another will ask you to spin a wheel of fortune after the race, hoping to get a candy. If you miss the candy, you will have to go over the tracks again, unless you want to spend some valuable diamonds (premium in-game currency) to have another shot at the wheel. Players may frown upon this element as instead of focusing on skills on the racetracks, you will need a lot of luck. If you are unlucky, then you might consider using gasoline by racing again, diamonds to speed up the process, or real money to get more in-game currency.

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Just like its predecessors, this racing game also features a responsive control scheme. Even if you do not have a controller, the physical buttons would do. Control your speed by holding on the buttons located on the lower right corner of the screen. Sprint faster by pressing the forward button. If you need to back up, just push the back button. On the opposite side of the display, you can see a left and right arrow. Hold the left arrow to perform a backflip while the right arrow lets you execute a front flip.

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Gameplay may become repetitive as you have to do stunts – front flip or backflip – to earn in-game currency. There are different obstacles like dilapidated bridges, unbalanced platforms, and some barrels that are likely to explode, to give you a little variety. Also, the developer has decided to go with a freemium system. First, there is a reserved fuel. You will consume about 5 units of gas each race. However, I haven’t encountered a problem with the approach as when my gas tanks were running low, I usually level up in time to refill my inventory. There are a ton of upgrades, however, but it will require grinding on your part.

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Trials Frontier has the potential especially in the beginning where it will entertain you with its physics engine. Unfortunately, as you progress, this Android game may frustrate you with its in-app purchase offers and somewhat repetitive gameplay.

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Trials Frontier Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Trials Frontier is a decent 2D physics-based racing game with simple touch-based controls. This Android game, however, may annoy you with its freemium elements. Nevertheless, it is still a fun game for quick sessions.


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