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Published on June 10th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Zombie Road Trip Trials Review

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Noodlecake Studios has updated their physics racer Zombie Road Trip with something new, a Trials spin off. In Zombie Road Trip Trials, players are tasked to run over and shoot the undead while finishing the course in the best possible time. This Android game is a 2D racer with tons of missions to accomplish.

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Zombie Road Trip Trials brings in a level-based structure that flawlessly blends the Trials model with physics-based race tracks to overcome. Every stage contains a diverse course to maneuver. Pull off a huge jump, execute a backflip or a front flip, and concentrate on landing perfectly to get a much needed speed boost. The main difference from Trials game is the presence of zombies.

Its gameplay is made in 2D form with polished graphics and realistic rag-doll physics. Controls are very easy as the buttons are spread out in the bottom corners of the screen. Located on the lower right side of the display are the backward and forward buttons. Accelerate simply by holding on the forward button and reverse with the backward one. Perform a backflip or a front flip with the buttons on the lower left corner. Tap on the screen to shoot zombies that get in your way.

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The game’s visuals help set it apart from its competitors. Rolling hills and steep valleys will buoy your vehicle in the air. The track is bumpy which runs from the left side to the right. Watch out for zombies on your right-hand side. Some undead are on the ground while some are flying. They differ in sizes as well with some bigger than the others. I would suggest shooting them down rather than running them over as your vehicle will be slowed down by the impact.

Completing the missions is important because you can only unlock the next area once you’ve hit a certain threshold. The core gameplay mechanic is entertaining. Who wouldn’t love to carry out stunts in the air while blowing away zombies at neck-breaking pace? The game has succeeded in incorporating the Trials style with its realistic physics engine while also introducing unique elements and sensational design. Other features include cartoonish artworks, lots of mission to keep you going, ghost integration, cross-platform online multiplayer, and unlockables.

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What could be improved are the ads. There are advertisements in-between levels, menus, and in-game. I have no problem with the ads in-between menus and levels. What I didn’t like was the timing of the advertisement in-game. Sometimes, it appears right when you’re about to start the race so you might accidentally tap on the screen. Anyway, if you want to remove it, simply buy any in-app purchase. IAPs start at $2.99 for 20,000 coins. Free coins are available by watching a video promoting other games.

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Zombie Road Trip Trials is a spin-off that offers a chock-full of entertainment. This Android game lets you choose when to push the pedal into the metal to survive a wasteland infested by zombies.

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Zombie Road Trip Trials Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Zombie Road Trip Trials is an enjoyable sequel. Show off your skills in racing, driving, shooting, flipping, and zombie smashing with this free-to-play Android game.


Trials + Zombies

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