Role Playing One Piece Treasure Cruise - No. 9 Best iPhone, iPad, Android RPGs in 2015

Published on March 12th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


One Piece Treasure Cruise Review

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One Piece Treasure Cruise from BANDAI NAMCO Games is a free-to-play, turn-based role-playing game that pays homage to the classics like Shining Force. Although the use of a freemium model is a bit of a turn-off, enjoyable and unique gameplay, along with multiple supplementary features, makes up for it. One Piece Treasure Cruise is a cruise all One Piece fans want to get in on.

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As a mobile game for iOS and Android, one can expect little story. Even though this is true, One Piece Treasure Cruise stays fairly faithful to the show it originates from, at least in its introduction. Luffy wants to be a pirate, eats the treasured Gum-Gum fruit, and becomes a rubber boy. Some additional story elements may have been included for the sake of gameplay or congruity, but the game generally follows the same original story. Aside from plot points, this iOS game (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) features a whole slew of characters and locations from the show.

The gameplay itself is complex but easy to learn. Essentially, your team goes and then your opponent, and back and forth, until one side is eliminated. The twists on this come in when you include combos, attacking again as the comic-like “Smack!” (or similar terms) collide together with a different character, or character types. Each character has a type, strength, dexterity, or psy. These different types are used both on and off the battlefield. On the battlefield, each turn your character has a small window on his or her character card. This can be filled with food, tandems (we’ll touch on this later), or attack types. When the attack type lines up with the character’s type you do bonus damage. Off the battlefield, character types are used to level characters up. In One Piece Treasure Cruise, characters are gained through the use of gems or on by defeating enemies. To level up a character, you must sacrifice one of the same attack type. This is an intuitive and interesting system that allowed me to obtain a 4-Star rare character, and quickly level him up multiple times.

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Aside from this, combat has a number of interesting features. Tandems, which I brought up prior, are special attacks that can only be used when you have a specific crew. Special attacks occur when you’ve used a character a specified amount of times during a battle. Unfortunately, most of the fights are fairly easy and require little tactical thought, they’re still very fun.

The only downsides to the game are its free-to-play model and its load/downloading times. Each area of the game requires a separate download, anywhere from 5-25mb large. These can take quite a while, but in the game’s defense, it makes up for it by allowing the player to earn up to 5 rare gems (the amount required to purchase a rare character) during each load screen. Like many other free-to-play mobile games, One Piece Treasure Cruise suffers from limitations if you do not provide payment. However, these suffering are small and uncommon, resulting in wait times to continue playing and mini games instead of cash for characters.

Overall, One Piece Treasure Cruise is a unique and enjoyable turn-based RPG with many elements from the show that fans will love. What shortcomings it has it makes up for it with enticing combat and a plethora of features.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: One Piece Treasure Cruise from BANDAI NAMCO games enhances the straightforward RPG formula of its predecessors as it pays homage to the stories and characters of the original. This iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android game is well-polished and unique that you should download if you want a simplified adventure.


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