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Published on August 4th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


BarSim Bartender Game Review

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BarSim Bartender Game from Killer Mobile is pretty much exactly what it says on the title. What you’ll be doing in this Android game is you’ll be taking order from patrons and making their drinks, depending on the type of drink that they request from you.

Even though the game may sound like that of the popular Pizzeria flash games, where you are required to make food items out of all of the following ingredients on the screen, it isn’t quite the same. Whereas that game makes it quite simple to get you started, BarSim Bartender Game makes it a little harder than usual as they do not have a tutorial. It is not your typical management sim, as they would rather give you a more specialized simulation.

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What you will be doing in BarSim Bartender Game is taking orders from customers and figuring out from the recipe book on how to actually make one of the drinks that they request. For someone who would actually want to learn how to make these types of drinks, this is a fun alternative to keep things a little more interesting for you in the long run. To keep things even more interesting, the game has you tilting your device to pour the drinks to give you a little bit more of that authentic feel. One could argue that this Android game features an innovative method of controls. If you want to keep it simple, there is also a finger gesture backup option.

While the idea that BarSim Bartender Game tries to coin-off is fun, the issue with it is that it may be difficult for new players or anyone who has absolutely no idea on how to mix drinks. I understand that the developer wants you to keep looking into the recipe book to figure out how to make the drink for yourself, but when you’re first starting in the game it makes it hard to push past the uphill battle that is the career mode. Nevertheless, you could always play in Practice mode and click the “Show Me” button in the recipe list to make you more familiar with the drinks.

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Another issue with this Android game that I’ve really noticed cropping up and that is in the Career mode. On the very first time I loaded up the career mode, a mode where you play to earn currency so you can purchase yourself some new equipment, the game just straight up didn’t work. To my understanding, customers are meant to come sit on a chair and leave you with an order; you make it for them and acquire the cash for a job well done. The problem here is that on numerous occasions where I’ve gone onto career mode and no one actually comes up to the seats to give me any orders; leaving me sitting there, twiddling my thumbs in the hopes of an order. It honestly doesn’t matter how long you wait for them to show up, they never will and it’s a problem that really needs to be addressed as soon as possible to make the main game actually playable.

According to the developer, if you experience the issue in the Career mode, your mobile phone or tablet may have an ad-blocker installed. Try to disable it and see if there will be no conflict with in-game ads. Also, we’ve talked to the team behind this Android game and they are aware that the learning curve may be steep. Hence, they will implement a step-by-step, hands-on tutorial in the future update for new players who are novice in drink making.

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Overall, BarSim Bartender Game (free) is an interesting premise and an idea I could easily get behind, but there are issues that needs to be addressed. All the developer needs to do is fix these and maybe put a little more time into the game. Then, it will finally be the product that they want it to be and then it might even be doing what’s intended: to get you into mixing some interesting drinks.

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BarSim Bartender Game Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: When it comes to the premise for BarSim and what it intends to do for the player, it’s a wonderful idea and one that I wished was a little more fully realized. I can’t wait for the next update as it will address a couple of issues we’ve found.


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