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Published on May 30th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Bridge Constructor Medieval Review

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Jump into the Middle Age era and play the sequel to the popular game, Bridge Constructor, with Bridge Constructor Medieval. This Android game from Headup Games and Clockstone Studio features the same gameplay as its predecessor where you have to build bridges by choosing from a set of materials and drawing them into a grid to complete missions. The only difference is it revolves around on a medieval theme.

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If you are unfamiliar with the gameplay, your goal in Bridge Constructor Medieval, as the title implies, is to construct a durable bridge.  Players are tasked to do it so that they can bring foods to troops, form an alliance, repair roads, fortify defense against catapults, etc. For the most part, the challenges require you to put together something tough enough to move units and goods across passageways. The secondary target dares gamers to use as little resources as possible without compromising the structural foundation. In the later levels, one of your objectives includes putting up a bridge that will serve as a trap to oncoming opponents. Make it look like it can hold a ton or else your enemies would just turn around and go back to their base.

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As far as the control scheme is concerned, it’s very easy to learn. Simply open up the menu for available materials located on the right side of the screen to select from wood, thick wood for foundation, stone pillar, rope, and roof. From there, drag on the virtual grid to place resources. Once you are ready to try and test your design, tap on the play button. What I like about this simulation game is it provides feedback as you form your bridge. As soon as the laborer crosses the bridge, you will be able to see which part of the construction is stressed. Make the support stronger as needed assuming you are still within the budget. Hold your breath as the troops cross your creation. If the base is strong, the part of the bridge radiates the color green. The minute the characters march on, the support will sometimes turn into yellow if the support is iffy. It will change to red and break shortly if it lacks solid foundation.

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Another welcome addition is the story mode which brings new challenges to the series. Bridge Constructor Medieval, however, pretty much plays the same as the original. If you like engineering and some kind of challenge, this game is a safe bet to give you fits. Got stalled in a level? Don’t worry. You can use in-game currency for hints. Unfortunately, hints are in pieces – meaning, a coin for one clue. This will increase the likelihood that you might consume all of the initial ten coins. Thereafter, you have to cough up $1 for 20 more coins.

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All in all, Bridge Constructor Medieval has some clever ideas, building on the solid formula of the original. Likely, players who love physics-based puzzlers will still have a blast with this Android game even though it might require some trial and error.

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Bridge Constructor Medieval Review Patrick Garde

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Summary: Bridge Constructor Medieval is a solid bridge building game for $1.99. Later levels will give you a different gameplay experience but this Android game is pretty much like the original. It’s not necessarily bad as they just chose to build on the winning formula.


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