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Published on March 22nd, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


Hoverdroid 3D : RC Hovercraft Review

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As a child, many of us had remote controlled toys received for our birthdays. While that seemed fun back then, now, we can do the exact same thing on our phone, with the help of an interesting Android game – Hoverdroid 3D : RC Hovercraft – from MH Production.

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Simply put, it is a simulation game that’s little in download size yet it packs a ton of fun. You have the opportunity to control a hovercraft in a game world as you try to complete a variety of levels.

Not only there are dozens of levels but each one of them has a different challenge. One time, I had to go through all the cones as fast as possible while under pressure from a time limit. Other time, I needed to use the hovercraft as a snow plot and maintain the plowing line.

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These are only a few of those missions that you can find in Hoverdroid 3D. If you don’t want to play missions, however, you can use the free roam level and explore the whole game world as you see fit, with a few surprises added here and there to keep you busy.

While aside from the level objectives there isn’t any extra challenge. I think that the levels on their own were design with challenge in mind. It manage to provide us with a lot of variety.

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There are a few ads in Hoverdroid 3D but, to be honest, they are unobtrusive. So, most of the time you wouldn’t mind seeing them. This is a great monetization method for the game and I hope to see it in other Android games.

What I enjoyed a lot in this simulation game is the way the vehicle physics are created. Despite the fact that the game world might not be that realistic, the hovercraft physics are just a thing of beauty.

Graphically, Hoverdroid 3D was designed to be functional, not to impress. As mentioned before, the graphics isn’t the forte of the game but they bring a developed game world.

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The thing you want the most in this Android game is to have a great experience with the vehicle, and you can do that, of course. All the levels are designed to bring an extraordinary set of challenges. So, most of the time, you will have adrenalin pumping in your veins as you try to finish up the level as fast as possible. The time limits adds an extra layer of pressure and there will be many times in which you will lose because of the set time limit. It encourages you to come back again often, so the whole set of 24 levels will provide you with numerous challenges!

Hoverdroid 3D is a good simulation game that features a 3D radio-controlled hovercraft. Its missions will raise the adrenalin and will keep your blood pumping in your veins. It can also offer a laid-back experience where you can just freely roam the game environment with your hovercraft. It’s your choice but you should definitely give this one a try.

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Hoverdroid 3D : RC Hovercraft Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Hoverdroid 3D : RC Hovercraft from MH Production is a simulation game that will let you take control of a hovercraft with plenty of missions and challenges. Although It may have some room for improvement when it comes to graphics / visuals, it still manages to provide a more than decent gameplay experience.


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